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High-speed luggage

Images courtesy of respective manufacturers

Speed and style. Sports cars have always epitomized these characteristics, offering an unsurpassed experience and aesthetic superiority over their daily-driven counterparts. Today, many offer the creature comforts of the most luxurious sedans, and yet, there’s one aspect to which modern sports cars haven’t evolved over their predecessors: luggage space.

They’re exhilarating and engaging, but what good is a car if you can’t take it for a long, spirited drive? Thankfully, these manufacturers have figured a way to pack your bare necessities (and more) to make for the perfect road trip/getaway.

Ferrari 488 GTB/Spyder luggage by Schedoni

$24,320 (3 pc. set) | $11,480 (2 pc. set)

Ferrari, in partnership with leather crafters Schedoni of Modena, began offering its customers complete luggage sets dating back to the 1980s and the 308 GTB/GTS. That tradition continues with Ferrari’s latest GT, the 488.

For 2016, the all-new 488 receives a three-piece (2 suitcases, 1 carry on) and a two-piece (carry on) luggage option, each which meld seamlessly with the tight confines of the prancing horse. While the tradition is to opt for tan leather, custom interior-matched colours are also available. The full leather bags are as beautiful as the Ferrari interior itself, and like each previous model, an optional golf bag in matching leather will only further differentiate you from the crowd.

I8 for BMW i8 by Louis Vuitton

(Weekender GM I8: $9,600; Weekender PM I8: $8,600; Garment Bag I8: $5,800; Business Case I8: $9,050)

BMW’s i8 instantly made a statement for its technological advancement and forward styling. The plug-in hybrid can travel 24 kms before using any fuel, and still rocket to 100 km/h in just 4.4 seconds. So it seemed logical that its baggage stays lightweight and equally as advanced.

To that end, Louis Vuitton’s signature checker “Damier” pattern can be found on four bags made of the same carbon fibre as the i8 passenger cell, each built to fit within specific areas of the car, including the Weekender PM, which sits neatly on top of the Business case in the rear seat. Sold individually, they are available exclusively through Louis Vuitton.

Porsche 918 Spyder luggage by Porsche Tequipment

(5-pc. luggage set: $19,900 US; 3-pc. travel set (2x garment bag, rolling case): $12,900 US; 2-pc. stowage set (centre console box, glove box case): $7,000 US)

As a strict supercar, the Porsche 918 wasn’t built with travel in mind, but that didn’t stop its design and Weissach production team from developing its own set of matching cargo, using the same materials as the cabin. Available as a two-, three- or five-piece set, the two smaller cases integrate themselves with the glove box and underneath the centre console, while each of the garment covers secure themselves behind the driver and passenger seats using magnetic clasps. The uniquely shaped rolling case fits neatly into the front bonnet – even providing enough space for the roof panels when you want to enjoy the summer sun.

(Though production of the 918 concluded in mid 2015, customers can still order luggage through their Porsche dealer.)

Rolls-Royce Wraith Luggage Collection

$44,925 (6 pc. set)

Not a sports car by any stretch, we’ll qualify the Wraith simply by having two doors and a 624-hp V12. It’s also not short on luxury of any sort – luggage included. Rolls’ own Bespoke Designer Michael Bryden conceived the vehicle-specific set, while hism design team consulted with head butlers from some of the world’s most notable hotels to create a rolling carrier, and weekend and garment bags.

Carbon-fibre framed and finished in a selection of custom leather finishes, each luggage is hand-built to the customer’s exact specification and available separately or as part of a six-piece set. Completing the signature Rolls-Royce touch, each wheel on the rolling carrier includes the same self-levelling “R” wheel emblems found on the Wraith.

Pagani Huayra luggage

€16,000 / $18,000 US (5-pc. set)

The Pagani Huayra (pronounced “Why-Rah”) is a unicorn amongst this list, but its elegance and performance simply can’t be ignored. Hand built entirely of carbon fibre, the AMG-powered steampunk supercar has next to no storage space: its active aerodynamic wings dominate the front bonnet, while the rear houses its monstrous 720-hp V12 – leaving just the cockpit and two small compartments on either side of the engine bay.

Despite the Huayra’s $1.7 million US sticker price, the luggage for it is still an option; but the custom cosmetics case for the glove box, two garment bags behind the seats,  and two leather-matched bags on either side of the engine bay are almost a requirement to complete the entire package.