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Four reasons why tinted moisturizer will be your new best friend this summer

Written by Krystal Marie Polonia

A tinted moisturizer is essentially exactly what it says it is. It is a moisturizer with a low dose of color that offers hydration and sometimes even contains SPF while giving you an even completion. Full coverage foundations work great for work, business meetings, and different evening events. However, sometimes for day to day use, you may want lighter coverage that feels and looks more like your skin. That is when a tinted moisturizer will come in handy.

Body Makeup

During, warm weather you may want to show more skin in your midsection, legs or chest.  But, you may become more self-conscious about exposing those areas if you happen to have stretch marks or varicose veins. Applying a thin layer of a tinted moisturizer can help instantly give your skin a smooth appearance. In order to keep the tinted moisturizer in place and make it waterproof make sure you apply a thin layer and apply a setting spray on top to lock it all in.

Sun Protection

If you do not happen to have your favorite sunscreen on hand. You can substitute your sunscreen for a tinted moisturizer. Although, a tinted moisturizer will not have as high SPF as a sunscreen will, most tinted moisturizers do contain SPF, which will give you some level of sun protection. This is exactly what you want when you will be exposed to the sun for an extended period of time.

Face Primer

An oil free tinted moisturizer works as a great facial primer as it evens the skin and hydrates all in one easy step. Using it as a primer allows you to use less foundation as you will not need as much coverage.

Sunless Tan

Tinted moisturizers are great for achieving an instant sunless tan. The reason being they tend to run a little bit on the darker side. Therefore, helping you have even tan skin without the need of the sun.