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Brave Design: Triarchy Denim's founders discuss their Bold Shift to Sustainable Fashion

A master is brave, courageous and confident—constantly seeking bold and exciting outcomes, not just in design but through a willingness to explore new ideas and concepts for the greater common good. In collaboration with their new 2017 IS, Lexus has partnered with various masters of design to showcase their commitment to innovation and integrity. Triarchy, a sustainable denim brand based in Toronto and LA, is a fashion company that aligns with Lexus’s core value of brave design. Here, Triarchy’s founders talk about the powerful (albeit risky) way, they’ve turned their entire denim line into sustainable fashion.


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The Next Generation of Leading Canadian Businesswomen

Young, ambitious, smart. Call them mavericks. They write their own rules, and no one stops them. In collaboration with Glenfiddich’s new Experimental Series, which is all about next-generation flavour, pushing boundaries, and trailblazers, four of Canada’s leading women in business tell their stories—their climb to the top, and the hurdles they’ve overcome along the way.

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