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Must-have apps for high-performing individuals


Introducing a regular series featuring Bay Street Bull friends and experts, and what they love. This time, they're weighing in on must-have apps.


“I love beautiful wine, and I have high standards but at the same time I don’t believe great wine should be very expensive. I love to cook and entertain guests for dinner and have friends over to enjoy my little oasis of a backyard in downtown Toronto. I discovered this app, Vivino, that helps me to navigate the LCBO Vintages section to determine the best possible bottle of wine within my price range. You take a photo of the wine label and it brings up all the relevant information, including price and ratings by experts and other app users. It also provides insight on food pairings, and allows me to track my wines and rank them myself. It is a great app for experienced wine drinkers, and for amateurs who are looking to learn more.”

Alexandra Horwood

director, wealth management and portfolio manager, Richardson GMP Limited


Jonathan Cavaliere

menswear blogger, Mr. Cavaliere


“Stress is something that every entrepreneur faces, whether they want to admit it or not. Most of the time we try to ignore it, but your body often finds a way of telling you it’s time to slow down. Earlier this year, I contracted a rare virus called Bell’s palsy, which causes temporary paralysis in the muscles on one side of the face. Although there isn’t a direct link to what caused mine, the doctor informed me in most cases stress can bring on the virus. With this knowledge, I reassessed my working habits and did some research on how to decrease stress in my life. I eventually stumbled upon meditation as a technique to minimize my stress levels, which ultimately lead me to finding the app Omvana. Omvana is a meditation app that has various guided programs from famous authors to spiritual celebrities. Whenever I am feeling overwhelmed or need some motivation, I turn on one of the tracks, close my eyes, and listen.”


“I use so many different apps but one of my daily go-to’s is Sonos. I am a huge music lover and enjoy curating different playlists to set certain moods in my home and at my two restaurants, Campagnolo and La Palma. (After all, music is so crucial to the overall guest experience.) Now, add Nest (for temperature control) and Lutron (for light control) to the mix and you’ve got my perfect app trifecta. Between visiting my wife in NYC, shooting for TV, testing new recipes, or jumping between restaurants (with a third on the way), I rely on these apps to get things done quicker, more efficiently, and while on the run. I can’t even begin to tell you how much time, money, and stress they’ve saved me.”

Craig Harding

chef and restaurateur, Campagnolo, La Palma


Abdullah Snowbar

executive director, the DMZ at Ryerson University


“Vuru is a platform that allows anyone to understand and track their favourite publicly traded companies. With a few stocks in some of the most promising brands on the market, I appreciate Vuru’s up-to-the-minute updates on where my investments stand and what my future investments could be.”



"As a designer and mother of two young children, it seems like my daily ‘To-Do’ lists never end. After discovering the Asana app, I am consistently reminded of things I haven't yet done, which makes getting everything—from playdates and dance classes, to production orders and media requests—finished on time. Asana gives you the ability to share ‘To-Do’ lists with your entire team, which also makes delegating tasks much easier."

Copy of Bojana Sentaler[2].jpg

Bojana Sentaler

designer and creative director, SENTALER