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Avant-Garde Canadian Furniture Designer to be Featured in New York Gallery

Designs from an up-and-coming Canadian furniture designer will be featured in a prestigious New York Gallery. The Craig Van Den Brulle gallery is located in the SoHo, New York City. 

Troy Smith creates a fusion of enduring materials in his designs, even molding some pieces that date back to the Fifteenth Century. 

Smith's one-of-a-kind, limited-edition pieces are composed of materials such as rare marble, bronze, exotic wood, artisan glass and leather, all used in unexpected ways. He has garnered attention from individuals with a taste for innovative, boundary-pushing contemporary design. The pieces from the eclectic Rebar Collection are almost sculptural. Be it a table, mirror or bench, the remarkable pieces embody meticulous craft and inventive design. 

Smith mixes iconic creations in art and design with emerging trends to enter a third plane of design. He grew up building homes with his father. In his Rebar collection, Smith uses the steel re-enforcing bars used to strengthen concrete in unique ways combined with his other source material and painted vividly to give form to the previously unremarkable.