Bay Street Bull Magazine: Luxury Business and Lifestyle


The Sweet Escape

Photography by Raina + Wilson

Fashion and room styling by Jo Jin

After a long day, nothing is more appealing than returning to the comforts of your own home. 

Coat ($4,050) and bag ($8,800) by Hermès.

Wallet ($420) by Prada, available at Harry Rosen; comb with case ($75) and pen ($45) by Shinola; timepiece ($275) by Bulova.

Coat ($4,050) and bag ($8,800) by Hermès

Lamp ($3,280), armchair ($7,400) and hand mirror ($260) by Avenue Road; side table, stylist’s own; rug ($325) by Stylegarage; planter ($25) and plant ($20) by Old Faithful Shop. 

Sweater ($310) and toque ($75) by Oliver Spencer; shirt ($2,295) by Brunello Cucinelli, boots ($820) by Moncler, both available at Harry Rosen; bag (price available upon request) by Shinola; glasses ($595) by Mykita, available at Josephson Opticians.

Lamp ($3,280) and armchair ($7,400) by Avenue Road; planter ($25) and plant ($20) by Old Faithful Shop; plant mister ($35) and scissors ($10) available at North Trading Post; valet tray ($85) by Rose & Fitzgerald, available at Park & Province; leather case ($245) and notebook ($25) by Shinola. 

Bag ($13,395) by Hermès; blouse ($2,675) by Brandon Maxwell, boots ($1,820) by Valentino, both available at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Photograph (price available upon request) by Peter Lusyzyk and Derek Blais, available at Station 16 Gallery; sideboard ($13,280) by Avenue Road; jewelry box, stylist’s own; beads ($145) available at WC the Store; candle ($125) by Cire Trudon, available at Saks Fifth Avenue; vase ($55, $175), lamp ($600) and rug ($325) by Stylegarage; paperweight ($330) by Avenue Road; basket ($125) by Toquilla, available at Holt Renfrew. 


Timepiece ($2,500) by Rado

Jewelry box, coral, candle and candle snuffer, stylist’s own; towel ($60) by Pamuk & Co, available at North Standard Trading Post; amethyst ($75, set of three) and lighter ($12) by Elle & Eve; valet tray ($85) by Rose & Fitzgerald, available at Park & Province; fra- grance ($165) by Jo Malone, avail- able at Holt Renfrew; pineapple tin ($80) and vase ($65) available at WC the Store. 

Hat ($165) by La Paz, cuffs ($105, $112) by Craighill, bracelet ($100) by Miansai, available at Park & Province; rabbit fur hat ($130) by Paul Leinburd, wallet ($420) by Prada, available at Harry Rosen; comb with case ($75) and pen ($45) by Shinola; timepiece ($275) by Bulova; sneakers ($350) by Tiger of Sweden; monkstrap shoes ($395) by HUGO by Hugo Boss, loafers ($1,190) by Gucci, available at Saks Fifth Avenue. 

Brush ($15) by Jason Markk, matches ($7) by Sydney Hale Co., available at Park & Province; lamp ($160, set of two), urn ($30) and bookend ($40) by Ele & Eve; valet tray and rug, stylist’s own; baseball ($50) by Shinola. 

Coat ($1,130) by Timo Weiland; scarf ($65) by Ralph Lauren; jacket ($700) by Tiger of Sweden; scarf ($360) by John Varvatos; boots ($595) by BOSS; sweater ($125) by Banana Republic. 

Vintage cast head ($350) and stone skull ($190) available at WC the Store; candle holder ($40) by Stylegarage; metal box ($75) by Shinola; horse gu- rine, crystal glass, metal stool, leather basket and rug, stylist’s own; wire basket ($25) by Elle & Eve; blanket ($1,545) by Hermès. 

Loafers ($1,190) by Gucci, available at Saks Fifth Avenue.