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Italians Do It Better

words by Ryan Yuh


For the most part, every nation has something that it excels at; a space for which it has carved its name into. And for a handful, some have done such a good job that people around the world will look at them as the best in their respective fields. France, with its beautiful wines and cheeses; Sweden and its astute approach to design; the Scots and their whisky— the list goes on.


And then there's Italy. Of course, we will always cherish the Italians for their selection of mouth-watering carbs. But take a walk down the streets of Florence or Milan and you'll immediately notice one thing: they know how to wear the heck out of their clothes.


To the Italians, getting dressed is an experience. It is a way of life and a part of their culture that is as strong as their culinary roots. While many of the things they wear may not seem like anything new or surprising, it is on closer inspection that one can truly admire their approach to style. A blue jacket you spot on a man sipping his morning espresso is not simply just a jacket, but rather one that has been made from the finest mills in the world and tailored to perfection. It goes without saying that a piece of clothing bearing a "Made in Italy" tag holds meaning. It is a symbol of beauty, craftsmanship and, most importantly, quality.


New to Toronto's menswear landscape is Simeone Napoli, a heritage brand that has brought the best of Italy to our doorstep in order to serve the city's modern men. Based in Napoli, the brand is run by two brothers, Reziero and Carlo, whose vision it is to bring the unperturbed swagger of their home country here to Canada. In Italy, there is a term used to describe the nonchalance of its people: sprezzatura, the act of making something seem effortless, as if no thought has been put into it. It is a philosophy that applies to any artistic form, style included, and is exactly what a brand- and logo-driven society, like that of Canada's, needs right now.

A quick visit to their humble Yorkville location will reveal a store that places its priorities on quality over quantity. There is not a large selection to choose from, but that is an intentional move to show that it doesn’t take much to make an impression, just a few solid pieces. Much akin to those favoured by their stylish brethren overseas, the pieces that fill the brothers’ store are updated classics that men can rely on. Earth tones and natural colours are present in all of the brand’s offerings, making for an endless array of combinations where each article of clothing will look flawless when paired with any other.

At the end of the day, a person's style is unique to themselves. That’s the whole beauty of it. But what people like Reziero and Carlo aim to do is provide the tools necessary in order to highlight and portray individuality in the best possible way — through beautiful quality and proper fit.