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What to Get Your Clients: The Leather Touchscreen Glove

When it comes to cold-weather survival, we Canadians know a thing or two about getting through the winter months (relatively) unscathed. While you may have invested in that toasty performance parka, your hands can often be left to fend for themselves in the biting cold. We’ve all been there before, where a text message or e-mail begs to be sent while outside, leaving your digits void of any feeling. It’s an unpleasant reality that many of us have encountered. But why should we suffer? Enter: Quill & Tine.

Based out of Toronto, the Canadian brand specializes in making luxury touchscreen gloves that will allow you to keep your hands warm while still operating your various iThings with ease. Other brands use spray-on treatments that wear off with time and use, but Quill & Tine’s organic process ensures that the technology is embedded into the leather, itself. But why invest money in a quality pair of gloves? Consider this: You’re not going to walk into the office with a beautiful overcoat and cashmere scarf, only to top it off with a pair of mediocre gloves. You’ll want to finish it off with a beautiful leather glove, as much as you want to finish off a suit with a beautiful oxford. How’s that for perspective?

$150, available at