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Where once there was a time when finding quality menswear in Canada was a rarity, such circumstances are now a thing of the past. Whether you prefer a department store with an endless array of options or the intimacy of a small boutique, the options are there for you.


Harry Rosen: Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal

Is there any store that has been able to achieve household status in Canada’s retail scene quite like Harry Rosen? Their legacy is a result of over sixty years of building trust and respect among both consumers and industry contemporaries. Then again, it’s hard not to appreciate a one-stop shopping emporium where a man can get everything from his socks to a bespoke suit. Also check out: Saks Fifth Avenue Canada (Toronto), Holt Renfrew (Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal…)

Simons, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Edmonton

Speaking of household names, get ready to become much more familiar with Simons. Having amassed a loyal following in their native Quebec, the company is stepping out to say hi to the rest of Canada with open arms. Offering a range of items from entry-level price points to luxury goods, a man can find something for himself, his kid and his father all in one place at this multi-generational store. How’s that for family bonding? A few words with Simons CEO, Peter Simons, on page 74.



Over the Rainbow, Toronto

With people like Wayne Gretzky, Chris Bosh, Jeanne Beker and other high-profile figures endorsing their name, Over the Rainbow has loyally served Toronto’s style-conscious urbanites for the past forty years. In-house designer appearances, block parties and exceptional customer service are but a few ways this community-minded company engages with its customers, which has undoubtedly contributed to its incredible success. Also check out: Due West (Toronto)

dutil., Vancouver, Toronto

You haven’t seen a specialty fashion store until you’ve stepped into the denim-lined walls of dutil. Whatever your fancy, whether a trusted favourite like Levi’s or something more obscure like Doublewood Denim, there’s something for every body type and preference here.

Tate + Yoko, Montreal

In a day and age where mass production is the norm, it’s hard to come by those items that are truly unique and special, the ones that have a story to tell. Luckily, this is just the type of area that Tate + Yoko specialize in. Focusing on quality and craftsmanship, everything that they carry is only produced in small batches and exclusively made in Japan, Canada or the US. Expect to find an arsenal of vintage denim, handsome outerwear and sturdy boots.


Livestock, Toronto, Vancouver

With five locations spread across two different cities, pilgrimages made by devoted fans are common occurrences at the sneaker mecca that is Livestock. While their selection of street apparel stands well on its own, it is their shoes (and the exclusive relationships that they have with brands) that they have built their reputation on. Head on over for rare, limited edition and deadstock kicks. Also check out: Capsule (Toronto), Gravity Pope (Toronto)

LodinG, Toronto

There is a saying out there that equates the amount of money you invest to the quality of your end result. In many cases that may be true, but with LodinG, they offer a winning combination of superior quality at accessible prices. Each product category is offered at a single price, meaning that for shoes, you can get a calfskin oxford for the same amount as a Goodyear welted Chelsea boot. Also check out: Leatherfoot (Toronto)


NICOLAS, Toronto

Clearly, if you’re able to keep your doors open and thrive in Toronto’s volatile retail scene for twenty years and counting, you’re doing something right. Calling some of the world’s biggest men in fashion his friends, owner Nicolas Kalatzis offers a global perspective in style through his namesake establishment, which houses brands like Lardini, ISAIA and Paul Smith. Also check out: V Hazelton (Toronto), TNT (Toronto)

Sydney’s, Toronto

Located along Toronto’s trendy Queen West neighborhood, Sydney’s offers a refreshing alternative for those in search of smart apparel. You won’t find logos emblazoned across any of the items here, but a carefully curated assortment of products that speak, instead, through beautiful design and quality materials. Quirky Dries Van Noten suits mingle with minimal Jil sander pieces, while premium denim and tailored shirts flank the walls of this exceptional store.

The Helm, Edmonton

Let’s be honest, Edmonton isn’t the first city that comes to mind when you think of great menswear, or even fashion in general. Yet, nestled in the doldrums of the downtown core you’ll meet Chad and Brad, the duo responsible for the sartorial oasis that is The Helm, which they stock with some of the world’s finest brands, like Camoshita, AMI, Corneliani, Buttero and Ralph Lauren Black Label. Also check out: GotStyle (Toronto), Henry Singer (Calgary)

Garrison Bespoke, Toronto

Bespoke tailors are not uncommon to come by these days. But what sets Garrison Bespoke apart from the rest is their approach to the craft. In the past, they gained particular notoriety for their bulletproof suit and have since proved that tailoring need not be boring. On top of that, they’ve also got some impressive bragging rights, having dressed everyone from Drake, to Harvey Specter, to the entire Toronto FC team. Also check out: Davido Afnani (Toronto)



Park & Province, Toronto

While most retailers these days build an ecommerce presence after setting up a bricks-and-mortar location, these guys have found their way to the top through the reverse process. They opened their doors last summer after the success of their online store thanks in part to their keen eye for easygoing, well-made essentials for the everyday man who values quality over quantity. Also check out: Gerhard Supply (Toronto)


Uncle Otis, Toronto

Having amassed a loyal following of customers, Uncle Otis has been a respected staple in Toronto’s menswear scene for the last 25 years. Helping guys carve out their style with a selection of quality garments from brands like Filson and Oliver Spencer, walking into their store is like visiting an old friend (who also happens to have some of the city’s most handsome off-duty pieces.) Also check out: Lost & Found (Toronto), Understudy (Calgary)

Roden Gray, Vancouver

Owners Rob Lo and Davie Fernandes deserve much credit for their contributions to Vancouver’s sartorial landscape. Relaxed essentials from John Elliot and Reigning Champ are housed alongside the couture-minded collections of Thom Browne and Givenchy, making for a dichotomous assortment of wares perfectly suited for the modern man. Also check out: NOMAD (Toronto), HAVEN (Toronto, Vancouver), The Serpentine (Toronto), CONTRABAND (Toronto

WANT Apothecary, Montreal, Toronto

Proof that retail design is as much a part of the experience as the product itself, WANT Apothecary was designed to look like an old-fashioned pharmacy, filled with a thoughtful selection of grooming products, coveted European labels and, of course, their namesake brand, WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie. Also check out: Roden Gray (Vancouver), Elevator (Toronto)



Simeone Napoli, Toronto

If it’s anyone that knows a thing or two about menswear, it’s the Italians. A stroll down the streets of Florence or Milan will ease any doubts of their mastery in style. Simeone Napoli brings a little bit of that Italian flavour to the Canadian sartorial scene with its offerings of made-to-measure suiting and fine outerwear.

Blue Button Shop, Toronto

Great design is something that the Japanese have long been championed for. Their ability to take something and do it better than everyone else (hello, denim) is just an example of their meticulous attention to detail. Owners Brian Cheuk and Tamae Miyazaki find the very best of Japan and bring them back to their humble Toronto store, Blue Button Shop, in order to nourish those in search of timeless pieces. Browse the shelves and you’ll find everything from raw leather sneakers to jeans that have been washed on the Okayama coast.

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