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The Report: Cruise Control


When the gridlock is at its worst, there’s no better way to travel than by pedalling your way through the city. This summer, upgrade your commute with these bicycles that are as practical as they are beautiful.


Shinola Bixby


Detroit-based Shinola is a tour de force when it comes to creating beautiful bikes. Made in the USA, the effortlessness of the classic Bixby, along with its efficient performance, contribute to it’s continued reverence as one of the most sought-after two-wheelers on the market. Its frame and forks are individually handcrafted in Detroit by dedicated experts and feature custom Shinola dropouts, fender mounts and internal cable routing. How’s that for bragging rights? $1,950


Vanhawks Valour


For the techie in mind, the Vanhawks Valour features a carbon-fibre frame, built-in sensors, smartphone connectivity and GPS tracking, a brilliant solution to counter bicycle theft. Blindspot handlebars vibrate to indicate when a shoulder check is necessary, while indicator lights connect over Google Maps to flash when you need to turn right or left to get to your destination. $1,550


Budnitz No. 1


The Rolls Royce of bicycles, the Budnitz No. 1 is widely revered to be the world’s most beautiful bicycle due to its cantilever frame design and carbon belt drive. The essence of the bike is in its aerospace titanium frame, which offers a ridiculous strength-to-weight ratio, while each tube is custom drawn and hand tig welded. They are also hyper customizable to fit to every one of your performance-based and aesthetic desires. $5,450


Canyon Commuter 8.0


Winner of the 2016 German Design Award, the 8th iteration of the Canyon Commuter is a marvel of technical design that has innovated the bicycle into a futuristic realm. The frame features a son dynamo connection that supplies energy through contact points at the dropouts and internal cable routing for a seamlessly clean look. With a Gates belt drive and a new speedhub, the bicycle is a pinnacle of convenient, low-maintenance performance.  $2,900