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This land of ours: Alberta

Ask yourself, "What is Canadian cuisine?," Susur Lee spoke about harvesting from the land as true food from the Great White North, bit in today's landscape, we are a society of varied backgrounds and perspectives. 

It's a tense time in the world right now, with immigration at the forefront of political dialogue. In this story, we searched across Canada and found the restaurants that are putting their own spins on cultural cuisines from around the world. While many are focusing on division, we think that it's diversity that gives a community its beauty and strength. And what better way to experience than through food.  

In this instalment we look at Alberta, but you can also check out the Canadian best from Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia.  

What: Corso 32

Where: Edmonton, Alberta

Sure, Vancouver may have their CinCin and Toronto its Bucas, but what about Alberta? Well, it’s got Corso, a small high-end Italian restaurant that is top dining experiences in the entire province. Named after an address of a former family residence in Italy, chef and owner Daniel Costa cooks for a packed, yet cozy room of 34 seats night-after-night. The house-made goat ricotta with rosemary oil and maldon salt perfectly showcases how beautiful simplicity can be when it’s achieved by deft culinary hands. Couple that with the freshest hand-made pasta dishes and a chocolate torta with salted hazelnuts and, well, it’s pretty much heaven. 

What: Native Tongues

Where: Calgary, Alberta

There are plenty of contemporary Mexican taqueria concepts across the country, but few have as much attention to detail as Calgary’s Native Tongues. From the hand-ground and hand-pressed corn tortillas that are made fresh every day to the creative cocktails that turn smoky mezcals and stiff tequilas into beautiful works of liquid art, it’s hard to find something here that’s less than phenomenal. Pop by in the evening for a platter of grilled octopus tacos with peanut chili sauce and over the lunch hour, Tongues’ Hamburguesa is simply a must.