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What to Get Your Clients: Ketel One Vodka

When thinking of a luxury vodka drink in recent memory, you can’t blame the masses for conjuring up ideas of Puff Daddy waving around a Ciroc bottle, an overpriced skull brought to you by a Ghostbuster or some stereotype of a Russian soldier downing shots of the drink before patrolling St. Peter’s Square.

Sure all these thoughts may carry some weight. These brands were everywhere from our TVs to sports arenas in 2015.The only problem is they just don’t measure up. These days, the best vodka comes from the Nolet Distillery in the Netherlands. Nestled amongst cobblestone streets and the centuries-old buildings of Schiedam, the family distillery boasts a more than 300-year tradition, with Ketel One Vodka as their star attraction.

Mixing old world and modern distilling techniques, the Nolet family has perfected the Ketel One recipe over centuries, resulting in the distinctively crisp, sophisticated and truly exceptional vodka we know and love today.

Better still, each batch of Ketel One is approved by a member of the family, making this truly a business marked by pride and craftsmanship.

Celebrating their 325th anniversary last weekend in Amsterdam, Ketel one released a limited edition commemorative bottle reminiscent of their iconic copper Distillerketel No. 1 pot still, a gift that would be fitting for a client that needs to be impressed. Or, if you really want to go the extra mile, thank your VIP clients with a trip to Schiedam, Holland, where they’ll be able to visit the Nolet Distillery and soak up all the tradition and opulence the Nolet Family and Ketel One have to offer. We’ll drink to that.