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What to Get Your Clients: F&Y Barchitecture Set


The onset of Prohibition in the 1920’s gave way to a rise in cocktail parties inside the home. More a lifestyle, less an extravagance, sipping a Sidecar, Gin Rickey or Mary Rickford (popular cocktails of the day) whilst puffing on a cigarette on one’s couch was a weeknight affair.

The 1960’s Mad Men era saw cocktail culture evolve from the home into the office: spirits as a vessel for camaraderie; to revel in a big win.

Enter F&Y’s “barchitecture” set, refined bar tools for the modern day. The kit comes with four coasters, a mixing spoon, stir sticks and a bottle opener. Made from solid brass, the pieces will age as gracefully as your client’s whisky. They’re functional, sturdy and striking; all the ingredients of quality bar tools that can elevate the at-home drink experience or in-office nightcap.

F&Y draws inspiration from the architectural symbols their city, Montreal. (We dig Canadian-made.) And they’re about making goods in small quantities, so you’re gifting a rarity. $220 - CG