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Cocktail of the Week: Peroni Limoni

 Photos: Mauricio Calero

Photos: Mauricio Calero


There aren't many ways to make a Peroni better. But, with a sprig of mint, the right amount of lemon juice and an afternoon in the sun on a clay court, it's possible that a sip can taste better than it ever could. 

At the Rogers' Cup, global brand ambassador of Peroni, Federico Riezzo mixed up a few glasses of the Limoni after a perspiring set.  

Here is how you can make the Peroni Limoni at home: 

Ingredients and Method: 

2oz lemon juice

1tsp sugar syrup

1oz Limoncello

Add mint leaves

4oz Peroni

Top with ice, stir

Garnish with lemon wedge and mint sprig

 Global Brand Ambassador of Peroni, Federico Riezzo

Global Brand Ambassador of Peroni, Federico Riezzo

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