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How to Take the Perfect Foodie Photo

Getting the right image of your meal can be as hard, if not harder than taking the perfect selfie. Here's how you do it right. 

1.     Find your lights, your natural lights.

Unless you’re doing an actual studio shoot – always try to get as much natural lights as you can. If you get to choose, always snatch the table by the window(s), well or in the summer, you can always sit outside.

2.     Always do it from the right angle:

Either it’s a top down or from the side, make sure your object is straight across from your camera. When the camera is angled too much, your food won’t look as.. (well…) right.

3.     Work with the objects around you

Either it’s that cute little succulents on the table, your friend’s new manicure, or those designer keychain you just purchased. Find something that will add excitement to the photos but keep in mind that the focus is still the food.

4.     The more, the merrier

No really, when it comes to food, your photos will look more appetizing when you have more food on your table. Your company won’t mind waiting till everyone’s dishes arrive, right?

5.     Don’t be afraid of color

One of the most exciting dishes to photograph (at least for me) is ANYthing with eggs on it. The vibrant color of the perfectly cooked yolks will look good on anything, really. Most of everyone would enjoy a plate full of desserts, macaroons, donuts, you name it – and they are all pretty colorful!