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Taste Scotland and Ireland in this Jet-Black, Chocolatey Craft Fusion Beer

The Scottish and Irish have come together to brew a limited-edition beer and you need to try this mix at your St. Patrick's Day parties. 

"When we first tasted the stout, with its rich notes of chocolate and coconut, it was clear we were on to a winner," said master brewer and Innis & Gunn founder Dougal Gunn Sharp. 

The jet black Scottish stout is aged in barrels from Teeling's flagship Small Batch Irish Whisky. The resulting fusion was named Kith & Kin, a term Scots use for family and friends. 

With a 5.8 per cent alcohol by volume, the 330 millilitre bottle features a mix of Barley malt and hops and tastes like a buttery toast and toffee. Try it with a venison stew or match the rich flavour with a sticky toffee pudding. 

With the number one imported craft beer in Canada, Innis & Gunn has won numerous awards in oak-aged beers. The Teeling family has been crafting whiskey since 1782 but recently a new generation of the family has revamped their business with a new distillery. 

“We’ve always held a great deal of admiration for Teeling’s ethos of quality and innovation," said Sharp. "Like us, they are uncompromising when it comes to flavour and I was intrigued to see what we could create together." 

Kith & Kin, with a flavour of dark chocolate and coffee unlike any other packaged beer, is available at liquor stores in Alberta, BC, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Ontario and Saskatchewan.