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This land of ours: British Columbia

Ask yourself, "What is Canadian cuisine?," Susur Lee spoke about harvesting from the land as true food from the Great White North, bit in today's landscape, we are a society of varied backgrounds and perspectives. 

It's a tense time in the world right now, with immigration at the forefront of political dialogue. In this story, we searched across Canada and found the restaurants that are putting their own spins on cultural cuisines from around the world. While many are focusing on division, we think that it's diversity that gives a community its beauty and strength. And what better way to experience than through food.  

In this instalment we look at British Columbia, but you can also check out the Canadian best from Ontario, Quebec and Alberta.  

What: Ancora

Where: Vancouver, British Columbia

Seeing cultural cuisines of Peru and Japan collide at the refined dining destination, Ancora, may sound unusual at first, until you find out that the South American country is home to a large Japanese population. Start off with seamlessly sliced pieces of toro, followed by hamachi carpaccio and move onto bigger plates like pan-seared halibut with forbidden rice paella, chock full of peruvian corn, chorizo shrimp and more. Order a glass of wine, sit back, sip and let the good times flow. 

What: Miku

Where: Vancouver, British Columbia

Ask most Vancouverites where the place to go for the ultimate contemporary Japanese dining experience is in the west coast city and most would direct you here. Located just a few hundred feet from Canada Place, Miku has set the bar high for service and freshness in Vancouver’s highly saturated sushi scene. With a strong emphasis on seafood sustainability --the prawn cocktail with shiso and ginger cocktail sauce is a great example, for starters, figuratively and literally-- the restaurant is able to showcase its appreciation for the oceans in which it finds the bulk of its offerings. In addition to impeccably presented plates of sushi and uber-fresh seafood, the establishment is also attributed to bringing the aburi-style (charcoal torched) sushi in Canada. 

What: Ahn & Chi

Where: Vancouver, British Columbia

With our country boasting quite a large Vietnamese population, most major cities from coast-to-coast are blessed with a myriad of Vietnamese restaurants to enjoy the robust flavours of Southeast Asia. The freshness of basil, the aromatic and warming capabilities of lemongrass --an essential quality on a rainy Vancouver day-- are just two of vibrant ingredients that Anh & Chi uses to celebrate their food above and beyond a standard neighbourhood pho stop. Pineapple salad with pickled jicama, carrots, herbs, prawns and a tamarind dressing will brighten up any meal here and the many vegetarian-friendly dishes like the organic tofu pho, chock full of daikon, carrots and greens really sum up the city’s health-focused culture in a nutshell. 

What: Bauhaus

Where: Vancouver, British Columbia

Being known as a Michelin-starred chef, much like Stefan Hartmann is can come with plenty of preconceived notions. Similarly, our North American assumptions of what German food should be is not always necessarily what it can be. Big coils of bratwurst, pretzels dotted with chunks of salt and cold beer are not things you’ll find on the menu at this sophisticated Gastown restaurant. Try six course chef’s tasting menus, a thoughtfully curated wine list and that high level or service that you just don’t find at hipster-chic spots these days. Needless to say, this is not the kind of place to walk in wearing lederhosen. 

What: Vij’s

Where: Vancouver, British Columbia

A restaurant that certainly needs no introduction, Vikram Vij’s namesake eatery in Vancouver has spent years proving to Canada that Indian food can be so much more than simply butter chicken, naan bread and dahl. With a multiple offshoots of the original spot including Rangoli’s, a food truck, a very successful line of packaged meals and a new location for Vij’s on Cambie St. as of last year, there are now more ways than ever to discover chef-driven Indian cuisine in Vancouver. Pork belly with apple mint chutney, braised shortribs with okra and jellybeans (don’t knock it ‘til you try it) and the paneer and couscous cakes in black pepper curry need to all hit the table when you are dining at this famous spot.