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What to Get Your Clients: Saeco PicoBaristo Carafe


Luxury these days is defined not only by outstanding quality, but also by time. Between having breakfast, getting ready, and even squeezing in an early workout, the morning routine for the busy professional can sometimes feel like mayhem. There’s hardly much room to account for wasted time before you’re out the door and sometimes that can lead to cutting corners.

But there are certain things in life that one should never compromise - your morning coffee is one of them.

While you could waste your time brewing a cup of Joe or rummage around for a pod of mediocre espresso, why settle for anything less than the best? Especially when that comes to something as crucial as your caffeine fix?

For the past 37 years, Saeco (an Italian brand, of course) has led the pack in the world of coffee with their dedication to innovation and design. From creating the first super-automatic espresso machine for home use in 1985 to pioneering bean technology, they take their coffee seriously. A fact that is evident in one of their latest gems, the PicoBaristo.


Packed in a beautiful, yet compact, design, the PicoBaristo streamlines the morning rush by offering high-quality coffee on-demand. With its ability to brew up to 11 professional-level coffee varieties (from espressos and cappuccinos to macchiatos and lattes), you’ll never get bored and can easily customize your preferences with their pre-set auto strength function.

Innovation is also driven by their 100 percent ceramic grinders and quick heat boiler. This is especially important in delivering a consistently bold and piping hot cup where the beans are never burnt. Whereas other machines may see a decrease in performance as time goes on, these features ensure longevity so that you’ll never need to buy another coffee maker again.

With a stainless steel body measuring in at just over 40 centimeters at its widest, the PicoBaristo is also ideal for those looking to keep their counters minimal and uncluttered. Packed within a frame as compact as it is, the machine also comes with a milk carafe that uses Saeco’s patented AquaClean filter, which means you can enjoy as many as 5,000 cups of coffee before having to descale. How’s that for low maintenance?

The quality of your morning can dictate your performance for the rest of the day. If you can make the AM a little easier, why wouldn’t you?

PicoBaristo Carafe, $1800

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