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Where to Take Your Clients: La Banane

Photos courtesy of Rick O'Brien

Photos courtesy of Rick O'Brien

Photos courtesy of Rick O'Brien

Photos courtesy of Rick O'Brien

LA BANANE 2017-457.jpg

Where: 227 Ossington Avenue, Toronto, ON

What: Restaurant, French

With a name like Ziggy Stardust Disco Egg, the desserts on offer at La Banane are hard to miss. Handmade with colourful Pollock-esque splatters, the colourful confection is a fist-sized chocolate shell with Peruvian truffles to be discovered on the inside, not unlike the charming creations you would expect to see at Chocolatier Brandon Olsen's CXBO.

But that's only a parcel of La Banane's mystique, a new restaurant from Olsen on Toronto's Ossington stretch, named after his affinity for the yellow fruit. Partitioned into three sections by their design, guests can enjoy entirely different experiences based on where they are sat. This, and the restaurant's take on classic French fare, make La Banane a great spot for multiple visits, with something new to discover each time. Patrons are greeted with a lush green-hued entrance, followed by a raw bar that faces a lively tropical mural, until finally reaching the moody yet whimsical ambience of the dining area.

Attention to detail is key here. From the food to the fixtures, Olsen and his partner, Sarah Keenlyside, have hand-selected every element of the restaurant. This includes the Douglas Coupland pieces on display for diners to enjoy, thanks to the couple's personal collection.

The restaurant offers an electric space filled with fine fare, sumptuous drinks and charming ambience—a winning combination for you and your guest.