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Where to take your clients: Miku

Where: 105-10 Bay Street, Toronto, ON

What: Restaurant, Japanese

Anyone that has ever traveled to Vancouver can attest to the fact that the best sushi in Canada can be found in this coastal city; it’s merely part and parcel of the cultural cuisine here. And while you may think you’ve tried everything there is to try as a sushi connoisseur, there’s one style that you may not be familiar with: Aburi.

A west coast establishment, Miku is considered the golden standard when it comes to this traditional style of making sushi. Typically, it is characterized by its nigiri, whereby the fish atop is left partly grilled and partly raw. Chefs at Miku use a blowtorch and Japanese binchotan charcoal to sear the fish, served in a special sauce, for what makes up for a truly unique experience for your tastebuds. Though many have tried to imitate aburi, Miku is widely known by our west coast neighbours as the guys to have popularized the traditional style.

And now, they’ve made their way over to Toronto. Situated on city’s Harbour Front, Miku’s new location features a sprawling 7000 square foot space, complete with a raw bar, sushi bar and large patio. Corporate Executive Chef, Kazuya Matsuoka, and his team of experts utilize a mix of traditional Japanese flavours and techniques with a nod to local elements to create a dining experience you won’t soon forget.