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Scotch-infused lamb pot pies: Highland Park partners with Toronto's The Healthy Butcher

Winter has always been associated with cold weather, short days and the cozy comforts that keep us company throughout the long, drawn-out season. It's an easy picture to paint; you're at home gathered with friends and family while the fireplace crackles in the background. During this time of the year, nothing brings people together more so than a hearty meal and good drink. This season, premium single malt Scotch company, Highland Park, has partnered up with Toronto's The Healthy Butcher to bring two of these essential components together. 

Available until May of 2017, The Healthy Butcher will be offering Highland Park 10 Year Old Scotch-infused lamb pot pies and red deer sausages. What can you expect? A flaky pot pie that opens up to reveal a melange of slow braised lamb and vegetables beautifully infused with Highland Park 10 Year Old Scotch, matured in American oak casks, producing a marriage of mouth-watering flavours that you won't soon forget.

Want to try it out for yourself? Head over to The Healthy Butcher Queen Street location in Toronto on Saturday, December 17th from 12PM to 3PM. Bon App├ętit! 

The Bull Team