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If you are looking for a healthier scalp, try changing your diet

Photo by Marla Rochester

Want longer, healthier, and stronger hair? The key is actually in the way you treat your scalp. For many years, we have all believed healthy hair comes from using multiple different lotions and potions that will moisturize and camouflage the damage. However, we are here to tell you this actually not true. The key to healthier, longer, and stronger hair is in how you treat your scalp. A healthy scalp will give you the healthy hair you seek. Here are 5 ways to keep your scalp healthy.

Your Scalp is Affected by What You Eat

The nutrients you eat could also be affecting the way your scalp has been behaving lately. If you have recently noticed a dry and itchy scalp, you may need to incorporate more Omega-3 and fish oils into your diet. Vegans should also make sure to supplement their diet with protein and iron for a healthier scalp.

Getting Your Hair Dyed Shouldn’t Itch

A lot of women who frequently dye their hair are not aware of this, but dying your hair shouldn’t itch if it does, then it is time to take care of your dry scalp. This is actually one of the very first signs that indicates that you need to add more moisture into your hair routine.

Your Scalp Needs Exfoliation Too

Just like your skin needs to be exfoliated once a week or so to remove dead skin cells and feel revived. Your scalp should be treated the same. It has actually been recommended by hair stylists to add a tablespoon of sugar into your shampoo and work the mixture in with your fingertips. Contrary to popular belief rubbing your scalp with your fingernails is not ideal as it can cause cuts and scabbing in your scalp.

Use Your Conditioner

We have always been advised against using conditioners on our scalp as they will “weigh our hair down” Although, this can be true if you have extremely fine hair, your scalp needs to be moisturized too. It is important to give your scalp, back moisture in order to keep it healthy along the way.

Hot Oil Treatments Are Good

Keeping with the moisturizing theme using hot oil treatments are actually beneficial as they penetrate deep into the scalp almost immediately giving you instant relief to your dry scalp.