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The Best New Restaurants in Canada

Canadians like to eat (and eat well, at that). Just take a look at the sheer caliber of new restaurants that crop up every year, and you’ll find that ours is a culinary community with a voracious appetite for excellence and new perspective. From minimalist French bistros to charming Italian abodes, we searched the nation and came back with 15 outstanding new eateries that you need to visit now.

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The Next Generation of Leading Canadian Businesswomen

Young, ambitious, smart. Call them mavericks. They write their own rules, and no one stops them. In collaboration with Glenfiddich’s new Experimental Series, which is all about next-generation flavour, pushing boundaries, and trailblazers, four of Canada’s leading women in business tell their stories—their climb to the top, and the hurdles they’ve overcome along the way.

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