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The Sweet Escape

Photography by Raina + Wilson

Fashion and room styling by Jo Jin

After a long day, nothing is more appealing than returning to the comforts of your own home. As the cold weather hits, seek refuge within your abode alongside these luxuriously cozy style essentials. 

Coat ($4,050) and bag ($8,800) by Hermès.

Wallet ($420) by Prada, available at Harry Rosen; comb with case ($75) and pen ($45) by Shinola; timepiece ($275) by Bulova.

Coat ($4,050) and bag ($8,800) by Hermès

Lamp ($3,280), armchair ($7,400) and hand mirror ($260) by Avenue Road; side table, stylist’s own; rug ($325) by Stylegarage; planter ($25) and plant ($20) by Old Faithful Shop. 

Sweater ($310) and toque ($75) by Oliver Spencer; shirt ($2,295) by Brunello Cucinelli, boots ($820) by Moncler, both available at Harry Rosen; bag (price available upon request) by Shinola; glasses ($595) by Mykita, available at Josephson Opticians.

Lamp ($3,280) and armchair ($7,400) by Avenue Road; planter ($25) and plant ($20) by Old Faithful Shop; plant mister ($35) and scissors ($10) available at North Trading Post; valet tray ($85) by Rose & Fitzgerald, available at Park & Province; leather case ($245) and notebook ($25) by Shinola. 

Bag ($13,395) by Hermès; blouse ($2,675) by Brandon Maxwell, boots ($1,820) by Valentino, both available at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Photograph (price available upon request) by Peter Lusyzyk and Derek Blais, available at Station 16 Gallery; sideboard ($13,280) by Avenue Road; jewelry box, stylist’s own; beads ($145) available at WC the Store; candle ($125) by Cire Trudon, available at Saks Fifth Avenue; vase ($55, $175), lamp ($600) and rug ($325) by Stylegarage; paperweight ($330) by Avenue Road; basket ($125) by Toquilla, available at Holt Renfrew. 


Timepiece ($2,500) by Rado

Jewelry box, coral, candle and candle snuffer, stylist’s own; towel ($60) by Pamuk & Co, available at North Standard Trading Post; amethyst ($75, set of three) and lighter ($12) by Elle & Eve; valet tray ($85) by Rose & Fitzgerald, available at Park & Province; fra- grance ($165) by Jo Malone, avail- able at Holt Renfrew; pineapple tin ($80) and vase ($65) available at WC the Store. 

Hat ($165) by La Paz, cuffs ($105, $112) by Craighill, bracelet ($100) by Miansai, available at Park & Province; rabbit fur hat ($130) by Paul Leinburd, wallet ($420) by Prada, available at Harry Rosen; comb with case ($75) and pen ($45) by Shinola; timepiece ($275) by Bulova; sneakers ($350) by Tiger of Sweden; monkstrap shoes ($395) by HUGO by Hugo Boss, loafers ($1,190) by Gucci, available at Saks Fifth Avenue. 

Brush ($15) by Jason Markk, matches ($7) by Sydney Hale Co., available at Park & Province; lamp ($160, set of two), urn ($30) and bookend ($40) by Ele & Eve; valet tray and rug, stylist’s own; baseball ($50) by Shinola. 

Coat ($1,130) by Timo Weiland; scarf ($65) by Ralph Lauren; jacket ($700) by Tiger of Sweden; scarf ($360) by John Varvatos; boots ($595) by BOSS; sweater ($125) by Banana Republic. 

Vintage cast head ($350) and stone skull ($190) available at WC the Store; candle holder ($40) by Stylegarage; metal box ($75) by Shinola; horse gu- rine, crystal glass, metal stool, leather basket and rug, stylist’s own; wire basket ($25) by Elle & Eve; blanket ($1,545) by Hermès. 

Loafers ($1,190) by Gucci, available at Saks Fifth Avenue.