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Follow along with the release of the 2016 Bay St. Bull Canadian Power 50 List!

Canada is an incredible nation and it should be celebrated as such. Kevin O'Leary leads the pack of Ganjapreneurs, venture capitalists, YouTube influencers and more  in our second annual Power 50 list.

The Power 50 is a collection of Canada’s top people, places and things of 2016. Our list is filled with game changers from all corners of the nation that are inspiring, innovating and influencing the way we live and work from the top. Giving you the best from every city, industry, office and home, The Bull’s Canadian Power 50 is not your typical list and instead is the definitive guide to who and what is changing the way Canada lives, works and plays. 

In the second iteration of our annual Power 50, we searched across the nation to find and collection of people, places, ideas and things that we thought you should know about. While not a ranking, they are all unique and share the common trait of being leaders, visionaries, experts and ideas that all Canadians can be inspired by. If this is the way our country is headed, then the future looks bright, indeed. 

For the next few weeks follow along as we introduce the #BSBPower50 with a countdown leading all the way to the top! Follow us on Facebook and twitter  for up-to-date information on the releases! 

You can access the entire #BSBPower50 list in full if you subscribe to the print version of the Summer 2016 issue.