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Vans Is Teaching Indian Girls How To Skate For International Women's Day

 Courtesy of Vans

Courtesy of Vans


Written by Ross Vernon Dias

Everyone's favourite rubber-soled canvas slip-on shoe company is now teaching girls in India how to dominate the half-pipe. 

In a new campaign, Vans athletes Lizzie Armanto and Atita Verghese lead a workshop for girls - who are dressed in elbow pads and helmets that match their outfits - on how to manoeuvre the four-wheeled board ubiquitous to suburban North American teenagers. 

In India, skateboarding is a nontraditional activity that provides the girls with an outlet of expression and an opportunity to exercise fearlessness and risk-taking. The workshops, in collaboration with Girl Skate India, are intended to teach girls confidence, while also shattering social expectations. 

“Vans is skateboarding, and we are committed to ensuring that anyone, anywhere has the opportunity to discover this unique form of creative expression,” said April Vitkus, Senior Director of Vans Global Brand Marketing in a statement. 


Starting on March 8, International Women's Day, Vans will host more than 100 skateboarding clinics in global cities including Chicago, London, St. Petersburg, Shanghai, Bangalore, São Paulo, and Mexico City, inviting women to "inspire a new wave of bad ass skateboarders".

“Vans has been engaging with creatives around the world for more than 50 years. Whether it’s making the first shoes for skateboarders, building skateparks, hosting concerts, or putting on art shows, we love how creativity brings individuals together where they can learn from and inspire each other,” said Jamie Reilly, Vans Vice President of Global Creative. 

These girls, with impressive grinds and heel flips could very well be the next Hawk or Anderson. Only time (and their fire instagram videos) can tell.