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How to Make Small Talk

written by Lance Chung

1.     Show interest:

Engage and show that you care about the conversation that you’re having. Smiling, making eye contact and uncrossing your arms are easy ways to show you’re paying attention.

2.     Ask open-ended questions:

One-answer questions can be an instant conversation killer. Leaving your queries open-ended will allow others to elaborate and help you direct the flow of the dialogue.

3.    Find common ground:

Establish a connection by finding something that relates to you both, whether that means a mutual friend or a love for travel.

4.    Say something nice:

Flattery is a great icebreaker that can help make someone feel more comfortable and appreciated, often acting as a segue onto other topics.

5.     Brush up on current events:

Having a good understanding of what’s going on in the world will leave you with plenty of options when it comes to things to discuss.

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