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The Report: A Bed Fit For Royalty

With studies showing it's increasing significance, getting quality sleep is becoming more and more of a top priority. Having served the Swedish Royal Court for over three generations, luxury bedmakers Hästens knows a thing or two on the subject. 

The question is, how much would you be willing to pay for a good night’s rest? Swedish luxury bedmakers Hästens have it coming in around $100,000 for their premium model, the Vividus.

But, here’s why: Each bed is handmade with natural materials that require 320 man hours in total of handmade craft time per bed. Each craftsman is specialized in one task in the Vividus atelier and each bed is constructed bespoke to a client.

The side stitch is not only a beautiful compliment to the blue check but it is also a functional piece of design. Hästens varies its angle, frequency and position to heighten support or bring out surface softness.

A perfect blend of cotton and wool regulate the temperature and moisture throughout the night and strategically placed layers of flax negate static electricity while absorbing vibration. The Swedish steel springs used in Hästens’ bed are set in varying combinations to provide the ultimate comfort from all directions.

The bed is crafted from black stallion horsehair that is boiled, rinsed, heated - a process that has remained unchanged for over two centuries. 

The patented Hästens blue and white check on the fabric serves as a guarantee of authentic quality but the classic check is not the only colourway the bed is available as clients can completely customize their beds. Hästens is so committed to perfection in their beds that if a particular item is not up to par during the construction process, the craftsmen will scrape and restart it's production.