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49 - 50 of the Bay St. Bull Power 50: YouTube Influencers

The Power 50 is a collection of Canada’s top people, places and things of 2016. Our list is filled with game changers from all corners of the nation that are inspiring, innovating and influencing the way we live and work from the top. Giving you the best from every city, industry, office and home, The Bull’s Canadian Power 50 is not your typical list and instead is the definitive guide to who and what is changing the way Canada lives, works and plays. 

With endorsements, book deals, films and merchandise to supplement their income alongside Google ad revenue, what really is the difference between a YouTube star and your run-off-the-mill celebrity? These young entrepreneurs converted their internet popularity into a hot commodity and more interestingly, a job category of it’s own. Often filmed confessional-style with little to no overhead, the field is highly competitive but follows a simple formula. By finding their niche and sticking to it these creators have cultivated a brand (and literally millions of loyal followers) all for themselves.

49. Jus Reign: Youtuber, Comedian, Much Music Digital Studios creator


With content like “The Swag Song”, “Shit White Guys Say to Brown Guys” and the “Desi Parents” series, comedian and Much Digital Studios creator Jus Reign started his YouTube channel while at the University of Guelph as a passion project. The Guelph-born youtuber whose parents hail from India, has amassed over 750,000 subscribers on YouTube with comparable followings on Snapchat and Vine. In his videos and parodies Jus Reign tackles issues like dealing with racism in Canada and the demands of South-Asian parents. His comedic timing and impersonations drew audiences across cultural lines. Jus Reign scripts and writes his own materials. Through collaborations, Jus Reign has used the momentum curated from his online personal brand. His recent feature-length film with often-collaborator and fellow University of Guelph alumnus Rupan Bal, 22g Tussi Ghait Ho was released in India to great fan fare.

50. Lily Singh: Youtuber

Scarborough-born Lilly Singh’s or “IISuperwomanII” presence is one of Canada’s largest on YouTube with over 8.5 million subscribers and over a billion views on her content. How does she do it? Singh’s videos focus on comical skits of her native Punjabi culture where she portrays multiple characters which her parents.  Singh also does not shy away from openly tackling the heavier material from her struggle with depression to her #GirlLove initiative. Singh studied psychology at York University and now resides in Los Angeles where she is pursuing a variety of opportunities in Hollywood. After completing a recent worldwide tour, Singh released a documentary about the tour called A Trip to Unicorn Island. She also stars as MiniCorns in the ensemble cast fifth installment of the Ice Age series Ice Age: Collision Course.

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