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Five things The Prep Guy blogger, Syed Sohail, is obsessing over right now


In our new series on what occupies the minds of some of Canada's most influential people, we asked Syed Sohail, the blogger behind the well-followed fashion blog  The Prep Guy, to dish on where he gets his mind stimulated.  



"I have become pretty obsessed with Martha Stewart recently. I know that sounds weird, but I am a huge fan of her business acumen and the content she shares on her site and social media, especially the food content." @marthastewart


Matilda, Roald Dahl 

Courtesy of Viking Press

Courtesy of Viking Press


"I’m around half way through and it’s taken me around two weeks to get this far. I get totally consumed by books while I am commuting on the train. Right now I have a thing for re-reading books I read when I was younger." $15, Indigo


The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Image courtesy of Bravo

Image courtesy of Bravo

Image courtesy of Bravo 

Image courtesy of Bravo 

"It’s juicy and drama filled. There’s nothing like a group of wealthy women fighting over who has a bigger home."



Photo courtesy of Collis Torrington

Photo courtesy of Collis Torrington


"I love taking pictures for my blog because it’s always a ton of fun. It started off by scouting a cute place that would work my outfit and then I got to be fierce and work the camera. I would definitely recommend getting out there and taking professional quality pictures, even if it is for a hobby. You definitely get more comfortable with the camera, which I think is a great way to learn your structural strengths and weaknesses."


Filling Pieces Sneakers


"I’m obsessed with the aesthetic and quality of the shoes." $390, CNTRBND