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Five Analog-inspired Product to Reminisce about Simpler Times


With technology infiltrating virtually every aspect of our daily lives, there’s been a surprising—and necessary—return to a pre-digital era. Analog-inspired goods are on the up and up, emphasizing the design and function of a simpler time. But don’t let that fool you. These gadgets are just as capable in getting the job done. You’ll just enjoy the experience more. Here are few that we recommend.  

Written by Christina Gonzales 

Marshall Stanmore Speaker

marshall stanmore.jpg

Bring us back to the days of rock-n-roll, when Elvis Presley was king of the radio and people weren’t bogged down by their mobile phones. Enter this vintage-looking Marshall speaker with analog knobs and an RCA input (for those who want to boycott Bluetooth entirely). Bust out the old CDs, or better yet, your record player and connect it to this bad boy. It’s satisfying to curate and control your music—a rare glimpse of the pre-Spotify age. $445

U-Turn Audio Orbit Special Turntable


In the small town of Woburn, MA, nine miles north of Boston, three millennials interested in product design, engineering, and marketing decided that vinyl should be brought to everyone – the “vinyl revival,” they called it. Their mission came to life through a Kickstarter campaign, and now U-Turn Audio is a 15-man team that manufactures turntables. Our favourite is the Orbit Special Turntable, which has a solid hardwood plinth made of maple or walnut. $580

Camera, Fujifilm X100F

analog fujifilm x100f 3.jpg

A digital camera with a retro-glam body that’s reminiscent of the old days - remember when people actually used film? It’s compact and light, and takes high-quality travel photos. The autofocus is great for the budding street-style photographer. We know it’s not fully analog, so do us a favour and print your images. We don’t want them living the digi-verse forever. $1,700

Montblanc’s Meisterstück Platinum-Coated 149 Fountain Pen


Believe it or not, but people used to shop for pens, back when handwriting was still considered a skill. Today, it’s part nostalgia and part the idea of hanging onto something tangible (like a poem, a letter, a doodle). Fact is, everything is better with a fountain pen. Just write a thank-you note inked with one and people will notice. For decades, Montblanc has been synonymous with the most beautiful ones around. So whether you’re scribbling your to-do’s or signing off on that merger, this platinum-coated fountain pen is one you can depend on and can pass down once you’ve retired. $1,135

Panerai Tableclock

Panerai table clock.jpg

Stop relying on your phone and splurge on a beautiful clock that you can display proudly on your desk or nightstand. This Panerai table clock is striking and perfect for your workspace or home office. Two views: from the front, the unmistakable Panerai dial, and from the back, the intricate details of the hand-wound mechanical, P.5000 movement. It’s Swiss-making expertise with Italian excellence, which is the essence of Officine Panerai. A table clock never looked so good. $3,700

Christina Gonzales