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2 of the Bay St. Bull Power 50: Dynamic Duos

The Power 50 is a collection of Canada’s top people, places and things of 2016. Our list is filled with game changers from all corners of the nation that are inspiring, innovating and influencing the way we live and work from the top. Giving you the best from every city, industry, office and home, The Bull’s Canadian Power 50 is not your typical list and instead is the definitive guide to who and what is changing the way Canada lives, works and plays. 

2. Justin Trudeau & Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau: Canada's "first couple" 

It hasn’t even been a year yet but already the newest residents at 24 Sussex Drive are already making there presence felt across the globe as the Canadian Power Couple du jour. Sure they won’t live at the Prime Ministerial above for quite some time as repairs are currently underway but something tells us that this doesn’t bother the parents of three young children who seem to have everything under control.

From announcing his intent to legalize marijuana (on 4-20 of all days) to forming the country’s first gender balanced Cabinet ("because it’s 2015"), Canada’s golden boy can do no wrong.

Similarly, Justin’s better half, Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau is truly putting her personal stamp on what it means to be Canada’s leading lady. From turning local designers and stylists (see Mulroney) into international fashion icons to holding her own with new pal and outgoing First Lady Michelle Obama, Gregoire-Trudeau is so in demand these days that plea’s for ‘help’ around home are now becoming tabloid and twitter fodder for the masses.

Together the Trudeaus have ushered in a Kennedy-esque era that continues to inspire both Canadians and the international community, alike. 

3. Jose Bautista & Josh Donaldson: Outfielder & Infielder, Toronto Blue Jays

 It was just a flip of a bat but it changed the trajectory of not only a playoff series but also the perception of a team that’s fought so hard for respect in recent years. It was over 20 years after all since the Jays sniffed any ounce of post-season glory. What glory it was too but for about a month last fall, all eyes across the nation were tuned in to the Jays and their playoff run.

And it couldn’t have been more dramatic. Sure they lost in 6 games to the eventual World Series Champions from Kansas City but more importantly, the Power Couple of Josh Donaldson and Jose Bautista captured the imagination of everyone in Canada, whether they were fans of the team or not.

Jose’s bat flip was immortalized in Christmas sweaters while American League MVP Josh Donaldson’s hair was immortalized by internet memes, and eventually the Kardashian’s….although we’re not really sure who started that one.

What we do know though is that the team sure could hit and they did so in the most dramatic fashion bringing a country together, and bolstering local bar scenes across the land, in the process.

And sure the Jays are off to a slow start this year but so were they last year. Lets just trust that these guys have a flare for the dramatic and that we’ll see them in the fall knocking balls out of the park with style and ease.

4. Kyle Lowry & DeMar DeRozan: Point Guard & Shooting Guard, Toronto Raptors

After years of ineptitude, Canada’s only NBA team has flirted with relevance for the last few seasons now. Powered by the team’s undisputed stars, the past couple of playoff runs have let the country ride the We The North train into the playoffs but until now, it couldn’t crack the glass ceiling that exists in the NBA.

Until now that is……

This year something happened. After jettisoning some bad eggs from last season, the team suddenly clicked to the tune of a 56-win season, the first 50+ in franchise history. Better still, the dynamic backcourt duo of Lowry and Derozan managed to stay healthy for most of the season not only making it to Canada’s first All-Star Game (see page #??) but also leading the team on a Playoff run the likes of which the team, nor the city has ever experienced.

Sure the ride wasn’t as smooth as some would like running the first two series to seven games, the Raps still made it through to the conference finals and even managed to give last year’s Eastern Conference champs a run for their money. Unfortunately some dude named Lebron got in the way of what could have been but if getting there for the first time in franchise history says anything to players like Lowry and Derozan, it’s that once you have a taste of big games, you want more.

Although Derozan is a free agent this summer, he sure loves TO so expect to see this duo back at the ACC next season plying their trade and taking another run through the post season. 

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