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The Best-dressed Athletes Off-Field

Having covered fashion on the sports field, let's move our stylistic focus to how athletes dress off the gridiron/hardwood/ice etc. Here now is a top five list (yes, we considered visiting the other end of the spectrum, but that would be a little cruel) of the best-dressed athletes in today's sports world.

5. Dwight Howard, Center, Atlanta Hawks (NBA)

Howard may be 6'11”, but that doesn't stop him from dressing to the nines. You might think someone of Howard's imposing stature would be intimidating, but Howard has a big, winning smile and an incredibly diverse wardrobe. He was also the first NBA player I can recall making glasses look hip.

4. Matt Kemp, Outfielder, Atlanta Braves (MLB)

The former beau of Rihanna, Kemp obviously picked up some good fashion habits during his time in Los Angeles (and perhaps he and Howard can team up to take over the fashion scene in Atlanta). One of the game's premier talents when healthy, Kemp may be unparalleled in the sport as far as his choice of garb when not wearing a uniform.

3. Henrik Lundqvist, Goalie, New York Rangers (NHL)

Check out this New York Times article detailing Lundqvist's daily fashion choices. Hockey players are often thought of as grimy grinders with missing teeth, but Lundqvist is looking to buck that trend. His on-ice resume is rather impressive, too. Lundqvist, the 2011-12 Vezina Trophy winner for top goalie, is second among all active netminders in wins.

2. Russell Westbrook, Point Guard, Oklahoma City Thunder (NBA)

Westbrook's coach at UCLA, Ben Howland, once told me that Westbrook was his favourite player he ever coached. He didn't mention Westbrook's fashion, but he didn't have to. Westbrook should be admired by his peers (let's give Dwyane Wade his fair shake here too, as he was a tough omission from this list) for not only his basketball skills, but his style choices. With the help of GQ, check out this slideshow detailing every outfit Westbrook donned during the 2016 NBA playoffs.

1. Tom Brady, Quarterback, New England Patriots (NFL)

To each his own when it comes to fashion in sports, but it would have been hard to keep Brady from the top of this list. His endorsements include Ugg, Movado, and Under Armour, and he is married to the world's most famous supermodel, Gisele Bundchen. Perhaps Gisele has a say in Brady's choice of clothing, but the four-time Super Bowl winner and sure first-ballot Hall of Famer was a sharp fashionisto even before his 2009 marriage to Bundchen.