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The Future is Now: LG's Revolutionary OLED Technology

In the fifties, mass communication was revolutionized by the television set. TVs changed the way we lived, worked and experienced entertainment as a society. The technology became an import aspect of our collective culture and we even altered the design of our homes to orient ourselves towards the TV set. In many ways, it symbolized and depicted the future.

Ever since then, nothing has quite excited critics and enthusiasts about the future of TV to the same degree as OLED technology. Its innovation goes beyond the capability of LCD or plasma screens to provide a significantly wider spectrum of colour hues, including the ability to achieve the perfect black.

OLED stands for Organic Light-Emitting Diode, a technology that reduces the thickness of your screen, thereby improving on its design. We’re a long way past the heavy, box-like TV set that was originally introduced into homes, and much of that can be attributed to LG’s innovation in this area. The razor-thin (three credit cards in thickness, to be specific) picture-on-glass design of its 4K OLED TV is simultaneously futuristic and contemporary; it comfortably fits in with the current design of most spaces but at the same time, can feel otherworldly.  

“Here at LG we’ve engineered a truly premium 4K television with some of our most advanced technologies and design features,” said Marina Tran-Vu, Brand Manager of Home Entertainment at LG Electronics Canada. “As more HDR content becomes available — and Dolby Vision already being the preferred format for filmmakers and content providers — our OLED TV’s will be able to process and display the future-forward content, giving consumers peace of mind that their TV will be able to handle new things to come.”

The science behind the technology works by passing electricity through surfaces that then glow in one of the three colours used in screens: red, blue or green. Shutting the pixel off creates a perfect black and rich contrast that neither LCD nor LED screens are able to replicate due to light bleeding. The result? Perfect picture reproduction across contrast, colour and clarity, making your Netflix binges all the more immersive.

Furthermore, the screen is held upright by a sleek harman/kardon sound bar that also includes all its wire connections so as to avoid any unsightly tangled messes. If you prefer to wall-mount your TV, the base conveniently rotates out of sight behind the screen, making for a seamless addition to any space.

The TV also includes 3D capabilities and 4K visuals, wifi connectivity and Dolby Digital surround sound. This is not about bragging rights, this is participating in history. (G6 Series: 65”, $11,000; E6 Series: 65”, $8,000 - 55”, $5,000; B6 Series: 65”, $7,000 - 55”, $4,000)