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Soon, your laptop could help you heat up your morning coffee

 Photos courtesy of Power Practical

Photos courtesy of Power Practical

Written by Daniel Osiri

Everyone prefers coffee at a different temperature: some people prefer coffee when it’s served hot, others prefer it averagely hot while others prefer it cold. Traditional mugs cool your coffee too fast while insulated ones maintain dangerously high temperatures, ruining taste and satisfaction levels. The problem is maintaining the right temperature from the first to the last drop.

This is the eight venture from Kickstarter darlings Power Practical. "Coffee is brewed around 200 F but most people enjoy their coffee between 120 and 150 F, which leaves a big difference," said Caleb Light, co-founder of Power Practical. Current mugs either cool too quickly or hold the heat too long leaving people in various ranges of temperatures while consuming their coffee." 

At offices and homes coffee soothes and relaxes souls of many. Jül mug will ensure that coffee temperatures are neither too hot nor too cold. The mug allows you to take your coffee at the perfect temperature for as long as you wish. With the features in this mug, you can sip your coffee sip after sip without fearing any change in temperature.

1.     Temperature regulation

The Jül mug allows you to pick the right coffee temperature. Just twist the base of the mug and adjust the temperature. Then set the mug on the coaster and wait for it to light. When the light is amber, the coffee is too hot. When the light is blue, the coffee is cold. If you see a white light, then the coffee is at its right temperature ready to be enjoyed.

2.     Easy drinking

The Jül mug has made drinking both comfortable and satisfactory. The lid of the mug is concave shaped, making it easy to sip. With this mug, contact of nose to lid is a thing of the past. What’s more, the lid allows you to close the mug to maintain heat or open the mug to allow a hotter drink to cool down.

3.     Flexibility

With Jül mug, you can take your favourite coffee at the perfect temperature wherever you are. The mug comes with a coaster, which allows you to power your coffee at any given place. The coaster is powered by a 2A USB port, which means that your computer or car port can be used to power it. “There are two coasters, one designed for the home or office and one for the car. This allows people to enjoy their coffee at their perfect temperature from their home, commuting to the office, and then while at work,” said Light.