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Slim and Trim: Hermès’ unisex timepiece range, Slim d’Hermès

Words by: Lance Chung

Rose gold case, matte havana alligator strap $18,500 CAD

Rose gold case, matte havana alligator strap $18,500 CAD

Thanks to companies like Apple and Samsung, wearable technology is starting to gain momentum, especially in the watch category. But even if you can answer e-mails, check your Facebook, message your friends and a host of other functions all from your wrist, the question begs: do you really need to? On top of our computers, phones and tablets, do we really need to be plugged in more than we already are? Wearables may be on their way up, but when it comes to watches, there will always be a place for a beautiful, handcrafted timepiece – like Hermès’ Slim d’Hermès.

Unveiled at Baselworld earlier last year, the Slim d’Hermès is the newest watch range to come out of the French fashion house in almost 20 years. Designed by La Montre Hermès Creative Director, Philippe Delhotal, the watches are assembled entirely by hand, right down to the stitching on the straps. They are also completely unisex, making it easy to switch with your spouse should you feel bored with your timepiece collection on a given day. As it suggests, the name is a reference to the range’s slender appearance. Clocking in at just 2.5mm in height, four years of product development were dedicated to create a beautifully thin and lightweight automatic movement, resulting in what is guaranteed to be another classic in Hermès’ arsenal of covetable pieces.

Available in red gold or stainless steel, the Slim d’Hermès is available in 39.5, 32 and 25 mm sizes, the latter two being driven by a Swiss quartz movement. Prices start at $3,100 and go up to $38,900.