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Skip the hotel, travel Nicaragua in style

Traveling through Nicaragua, you just have to expect that luxury means something different in a country that is new-ish to the tourism game. Sure there are a few posh hotel resorts that are popping up along the Pacific coast and you can definitely find Four star hotels in bustling cities like Managua and Granada but in popular surf towns like San Juan del Sur where expats are setting up trendy bars and restaurants, hostels and run down hotels just won’t cut it.

Enter AirBnB.

Weighing recent options on a recent trip through San Juan del Sur, it was clear that when it came to maximizing location, accommodations and fun, we found the perfect spot steps to the beach, restaurants, the market and everything this amazing town had to offer.

Hosted by Leslie and Todd, the home we found came fully equipped with a plunge pool, five bedrooms, three bathrooms, a modern kitchen, ping pong table and even a twenty-four hour maid named Gloria who was happy to help with all of our shopping, cooking and cleaning, not to mention she was happy to point us in the direction of all the local hot spots.
Staying at Leslie and Todd’s home was like having our own private villa in the middle of paradise and needless to say, when we make it back we know where we’ll be staying.

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