7 Luxurious, Analog Desk Clocks that You Need Now


Make a statement with these seven desk clocks that will change your desk aesthetic for the better.

Written by Pasquale Casullo and Ed Hitchins

Upon hearing that famous W.H. Auden poem “Funeral Blues,” which begins with the line, “Stop all the clocks,” anyone working away at their desk may shudder. But then again, if their clocks did stop, they’d be left looking at a beauty – if one of these clocks, that is. A desktop clock provides a distinguished accessory for a surface usually littered with papers, a scattering of writing utensils, and perpetually topped with a computer. Why not put something truly breathtaking there – it will assist with getting you to lunch on time, too.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Atmos 568

Marc Newson designed this half-technical, half-ethereal stunner for Jaeger Le Coultre. Made with "extra clear" Baccarat crystal, the nearly-invisible cabinet covers a seemingly-minimal, 211-component clock that appears to float inside. Powered by a magical sort of "lung" - a tightly-sealed chamber in which a proprietary blend of gases contract and expand with changes in temperature, and wind its watch movement - a variation of just one degree is enough to keep it going for two-days. A far more user-friendly desktop friend than a plant.
Cartier Serpentine Exceptional

Like everything Cartier, this is a simple yet seductive time-piece. A beautiful block, which is stunning in itself, features a Cartier-quartz movement and signature blued-steel, sword-shaped hands. Serpentine, a mineral found in igneous and metaphoric rock, has its origins in metaphoric alterations of peridotite and pyroxene. Start a meeting with that fact, next time.

MB&F Melchior

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. A tenth-anniversary piece for MB&F, designed under the theme "a creative adult is a child who survived," Melchior is a shiny steel robot with moveable arms and a 480-component L’Epée-movement clock body. And through his glass-domed head, the clock regulator's soft beating and meticulous composition is visible. If any reminder about work and play is necessary, his tick-tocking presence on a desktop, behind a pile of paper, will keep you going - and young.

Officine Panerai Pendulum Clock

It took centuries to complete this clock. A reproduction of Galileo Galilei's instrument for "the measurer of time," which demonstrated the laws of isochronism of small oscillations of the pendulum, the plans for the time-piece passed through many people (Galilei's son, Galilei's biographer, Leopoldo de Medici) before finally being constructed as we know it by Florentine clockmaker Eustachio Porcellotti, in 1887 - and produced precisely to that model by Panerai. A handsome, mesmerizing mechanism stands inside the minimal aluminum-framed, beveled-glass cabinet: filled with various cogs, barrels, and levers. Its pendulum is an acrobatic balancing act – one that is sure to astound.

Vacheron Constantin Métiers d’Art Arca

Arca is an angular, sharp-structured clock that comes from a tough background: it begins life as a rough, sixty-kilogram rock crystal that is turned into molten matter in a 1500C furnace. A tribute to Vacheron Constantin's storied history, that crystal is then cut, hand-engraved - in one of twelve styles – placed into a silver-framed arched-deco masterpiece, and finally fitted with the company's open-worked, Caliber 9260 mechanical movement. Each crystal arch is delivered with a magnifying glass, gloves, and two winding-keys – and looking impressive and dignified amongst your business-implements is free. 
desk appeal

Richard Mille RM 020

There is something to be said about a timepiece that can marry artistry and versatility. Richard Mille’s RM 020 speaks to this in a way that is fitting for the individual on the go. While technically a pocket watch, it easily converts into a desk clock, making it the perfect travel accessory, whether to and from your office, or abroad. With high-quality components, like a carbon nanofiber baseplate and a titanium watch chain with a fast release and attach mechanism, the RM 020 is as much about art and innovation as it is about function. - EH