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9 Gorgeous Cannabis Accessories You Need In Time For Legalization


High Design

Written By Jordana Colomby

The cannabis takeover is upon us. And with that, a departure from the stereotypes traditionally associated with its culture — one that focuses on beautiful design and high-quality materials for the discerning consumer in search of an elevated experience.



BEBOE Pastilles

Tattoo artist, Scott Campbell, created Beboe with both his grandmother and the sophisticated cannabis consumer in mind. After his mother was diagnosed with cancer, Campbell’s grandmother would bring over brownies for the kids and a separate batch for his mother. Little did he know his mother’s brownies had a secret ingredient: cannabis. Co-founder Clement Kwan calls their pastilles “the cold pressed juice of weed.” They’re completely vegan and made will all-natural ingredients, such as golden delicious apple and organic powdered black currant. $25

Boy Smells Kush Candle

Boy Smells is expanding the realm of cannabis products with a line of infused candles. Their KUSH candle embraces the smell of cannabis along with complementary scents like suede, white musk, tulip, and amber. The beeswax and coconut wax blend is a balanced mix of floral and herbal aromas that will subtly fill the room. $50


Store cannabis in style with the beautifully crafted 4-Strain Cannador (with nook). The solid wood mahogany interior holds up to 28g in four separate and sealed glass containers, keeping herbs fresh and smells contained. Boxes come in a matte-finish cherry or walnut with the option of a high-tech upgrade, where customers can incorporate a Bluetooth-enabled hydrometer that will notify them if the temperature inside isn’t optimal. $315

Concrete Cat Ashtray

Who knew concrete could be applied so beautifully? Edmonton-based Concrete Cat offers a collection of over a dozen incense and ashtrays all made from the industrial material. These trays aren’t just a necessity, they’re a focal point in the room. The brand is all about colour and pattern, each item featuring a unique marbled design in a wide range of hues. No need to hide your ashtray when guests are over — this one’s a showpiece. $130

PAX 3 Vapourizer

The newest addition from PAX’s arsenal of products is an all-in-one, must-have for vaporizing dry herbs and extracts. Features include over 60 temperature settings, bluetooth-enabled technology, 22-second best-in-class heat up, and an extended battery life. Customers can also customize their PAX 3 design by choosing from a selection of four classic colours and two types of finish. $260

Castor Voong

With legalization near, cannabis consumers want functional pieces that fit into the aesthetic of their home. The Voong by Toronto-based design firm, Castor, doubles as both paraphernalia and a sculptural work of art that will enhance any living space. Available in black or white porcelain, it also features a brass bowl and a powder-coated finish on the outside to add to its charm. $335, available at Tokyo Smoke.

Van der Pop Poppins Stash Bag

Named after the beloved Mary Poppins, the Poppins Stash Bag is a minimalistic vessel that will keep all your supplies safe and organized. The refined bag is stocked with security features, such as a 3-digit and keyed lock, a waterproof and smell-proof zipper, and faux leather interior to clean oil leaks. Made of Italian leather, the bag is available in black, white, cobalt and camel, and easily doubles as a clutch that you can bring on a night out. $370, available at Tokyo Smoke.

Vetements Grinder Necklace

Functional fashion is on the rise in the cannabis industry and Zürich-based Vetements is jumping on the trend. Available in both gold and silver colourways, the necklace also features a monogram design and functional grinder. It’s a bold addition to any outfit, and will keep you prepared wherever you go. $1135

LEVO Oil Infuser

Oil infusion has been around since the beginning of time, being applied to everything from medicine to food thanks to its health benefits. Within a modern, home context, though, it can be messy, expensive, and drastically reduce quality if done improperly. LEVO is revolutionizing the whole process. The first market-ready product that allows people to infuse their own oil and butter with ease, the handy device does all the work for you. Choose your strain, strength, and ingredients, and LEVO does the rest. $250