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A Masterful Blend of Italy and Canada in The ‘Canadian’ Boulevardier

It’s the Negroni’s centennial. Saluti!

Late last month, the Negroni celebrated the 100th anniversary of it’s inception. Weslodge Saloon’s mixologist, Ger Cullen, created this innovative blend of Canadian and Italian culture as the feature cocktail for the King Street West establishment’s celebratory week.

The cocktail pays homage to the traditional Italian cocktail with a little dash of Canadiana flavour in celebration of this milestone year.

Here’s how you can continue the celebration at home in this version with Campari, smoked maple syrup and orange bitters.


1.5oz Forty creek copper pot

.75oz Campari

.75oz Cinzanno

.25oz Smoked maple syrup

3 dashes Regans’ orange bitters

Coupe Glass


Build all ingredients in mixing glass.

Add ice to mixing glass and stir-to-chill.

Pour into chilled coupe glass, zest orange over top of cocktail and discard zest.

Float dehydrated orange wheel with pecan nuts in centre for garnish.