Build Your Own Parka at Moose Knuckles’ New Yorkdale Store

A crisp denim jacket has a James Dean-level of appeal to it. You know what you’re saying: You’re relaxed, but not too relaxed. You’re easy going, but not a push over. You’re cool.

Written by Ross Dias

Put a few patches on that jacket and all that changes in an instant. You aren’t the strong, silent type anymore. The patches are a reason for people to throw out the social norms and tap you on the shoulder to let you know that they love pizza just as much as your left shoulder does, or that they are totally vibing with your sport team right now.

Why shouldn’t it be the same with winter parkas?

At their Yorkdale Shopping Centre pop-up, Canadian sportswear brand Moose Knuckles will let you design a jacket on a tablet within a matter of minutes, with digital renderings projected onto the walls of the store. In addition, an exclusive selection of styles will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis for a limited time at the pop-up store.

“Peep Show,” which will run until mid-October, puts everything on the table (or the tablet, to be more accurate) from silhouettes, colours and trims to the parka’s hardware. Up to 18 fur options, eight shell colours and three coat styles, including the bomber, lead up to just under 4,000 possible combinations.

And that’s excluding the best part: the patches. Everything from maple leafs to middle fingers are in store and ready to be pressed onto your latest statement piece. To emphasize the brands’ fit-your-lifestlye motto, creative director Steph Hoff bemused, “Don’t be a sheep, be a Moose.”

From longer parkas to the waist-length bombers, the silhouettes on offer are meant to fit a variety of lifestyles (and climates). While renderings of your designs are immediately available to share on your social media, your fresh coat will arrive at your doorstep in 60 days from the brand’s Winnipeg factory, just in time to counter the winter cold.