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Celebrate National Caesar Day with this Grey Goose Spicy Papaya and Shrimp Caesar Version

Who doesn’t love a spicy shrimp cocktail?

Canada’s national cocktail (officially designated by the Parliament in 2010) is also a national treasure and an open Canadian secret, being virtually unknown beyond our borders. The Thursday immediately preceding Victoria Day is officially National Caesar Day, a kick-off to the summer season as well as the perfect moment to sip on your first Caesar cocktail to mark the occasion.

Celebrate Canada’s quintessential cocktail with this recipe from our friends at Grey Goose featuring spice, papaya and shrimp.


1.5 Oz Grey Goose L’Orange

4-5 Chunks of fresh papaya

1/2 Oz Lime juice

2-3 Dashes of fish sauce

1/2 Thai Chili

4 Oz Premium Clamato juice (Walters)


Add ingredients into a glass and stir well.

Garnish with grilled shrimp and green onion skewer

Use Cracked papaya seeds and salt for rim