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Cocktail of the week: Luksusowa Classic Martini

Luksusowa vodka

Create a legendary cocktail with this premium Polish Vodka.

Written by Sammy Abdo

Luksusowa in Polish means “luxury,” and as the number one selling potato vodka, it’s easy to see and taste why it holds that position. Produced with premium potatoes from Poland, Luksusowa elevates any cocktail that calls for premium vodka, but can also be enjoyed neat or over ice. Made from using the same recipe since its creation in 1928, Luksusowa is Kosher and gluten-free. You can have the simple martini, or mix things up with the Luksusowa Classic Martini, which adds a twist on the martini by adding orange bitters.

Here’s how to make this iconic drink at home.


2 oz Luksusowa Vodka

0.5 oz dry vermouth

Dash of orange bitters



Combine Luksusowa Vodka, dry vermouth and crushed ice in a stainless steel shaker and gently shake.

Immediately strain into a chilled martini glass. Top with a couple of dashes of orange bitters and garnish with olives.