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Ease the Strain at Work with these Easy At-Desk Exercises

Work-related strains are no joke. Here are a few exercises to keep yourself in check.

Sitting for long hours in front of a computer has become a normal part of our everyday routines. However, sitting hunched over a keyboard for long periods of time can have a detrimental effect on our bodies. It can negatively impact our posture, mobility, and overall muscle tension. One key strategy to offset these negative effects is to perform small exercises–move more and regularly change our body positions throughout the day.

We asked FIXD registered massage therapist, Ethan Lee, for a few ways to tackle that pesky neck and shoulder tension. His advice? Try taking small breaks throughout your work day to get your body moving and feeling better. These simple exercises are easy to perform anywhere at any time.

Upper Trap Stretch

Lower your arm and hold onto the bottom of your chair to prevent your shoulder from raising. Tilt your head to the opposite side and feel a stretch down the side of your neck and upper trapezius. Hold for 30 seconds and repeat on both sides. This will help alleviate stubborn neck tension.

Chin Tucks

Sitting tall in your chair, imagine making a double chin as you move your chin backwards. Focus on feeling a contraction in the front of your neck. Hold this for two seconds and repeat for 10 repetitions. This will help maintain better neck posture and stretch the posterior aspect of your neck.

Side Bend

Sitting in your chair, clasp your hands overhead with your palms facing the ceiling. Gently lean to one side until you feel a stretch along your ribs and into your low back. While leaning to the side take a few deep controlled breaths to expand the ribcage and intensify the stretch. Hold this stretch for 30 seconds and repeat on both sides.

Back Extensions

Sitting on the edge of your chair, place your hands with your palms resting on your lower back. Slowly begin to lean backwards until you feel a stretch through your chest and throughout your back. This will help alleviate tension related to hunching over. Hold for 15 seconds.