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Elevate Father’s Day with a Bottle of Facundo Rum

Just in time for Father’s Day.

What do you get the man that gave you life? The day comes around every year, and yet, each year it gets harder to think of what could perfectly symbolize your relationship with the #1 man in your life. Enter Facundo Rum.

No matter how he takes it, a premium rum would always be a welcome addition to dad’s collection of spirits. With four different options of rum based on whether he’s a cocktail connoisseur or likes it neat, Facundo is perfect note to celebrate his day. Let’s face it, his hard work is rarely truly appreciated.

Facundo Neo is the youngest of the collection, with an eight-year aging process, while Eximo is the only variety that is blended before the aging process. Exquisito, brings the old and new together in a masterful blend of aged, distinct aroma and fruity young flavours. Finally the Parìso, is the most premium of the collection, and includes a blend of the most premium rums in the private Bacardi Family Reserves.

Whether your dad perfers a cocktail or loves his scotch on the rocks, an ultra-premium bottle of rum is a uniquely perfect gift to add to his collection. Facundo Rum is the first-ever collection of four ultra-premium, aged sipping rums from BACARDÍ. Plus, the beautiful art deco-inspired bottles would elevate any shelf or bar cart.