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A roundup of World-Class Canadian Products from our Fall 2018 Issue

OKV leather backpack

We’ve made it our mandate to support all things Canadian. From an artisan canoe paddle to the perfect fall leather rucksack, these homegrown products are giving our nation something to boast about. Here is our regular roundup of Glorious Domestic Products.

Written by Ross Dias

Fumile Millinery hat

Fumile Chapelier Hat

The Fumile millinery was born out of frustration. Its Quebecois founder, Alex Surprenant, struggled to find something to keep his hands busy after his soccer career was cut short by an injury. Four years later, he found relief in a passion for hatmaking. Offering custom and ready-to-wear options, Suprenant’s beautiful chapeaus are a fitting addition for those in search of a sartorial coronation. $225

Norquay Co. Canoe Paddle

Norquay Co. Artisan Canoe Paddle

Canoes are symbolic of Canada’s iconic wilderness and everything good about summer in the Great White North. Norquay Co. is an entirely Toronto-based operation, made with cherry wood sourced in Northern Ontario, and hand-finished at a studio in the city’s west-end. Fully varnished, this artisan paddle is protected against the elements, and good for a memorable dip in the water or a lifetime indoors. Adventure is but a glance away. $385

Peace by Chocolate bars

Peace by Chocolate Bars

One-part confection, one-part feel-good story, Peace by Chocolate was created in Syria by the Hadhad family, and specializes in artisanal chocolates. After their factory was bombed in 2012, the family was forced to flee their home country, eventually arriving in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, where they continue to do what they love. Their bars feature ingredients like milk chocolate and hazelnuts - a sweet addition to any day. $5

OKV leather backpack

OKV Leather Rucksack

OKV, a luxury accessories brand designed in Toronto and crafted in Florence, addresses fashion’s environmental problem by sourcing all its leather from the discarded by-products of other industries. The brand uses an ancient technique of dying the recycled leather by using natural tannins from fruits, leaves, chestnut, and mimosa tree bark. You’ll look like a boss, and feel great about supporting something local and sustainable at the same time. $1,200

Eden Grove Perfect Pear Cider

Eden Grove Perfect Pear Cider

Behold, an Ontario company that's made a thirst-quenching, not-too-sweet cider from Bosc and Bartlett pears. A family-owned business, Eden Grove Cider is smooth and crisp; the pears are picked at peak ripeness, and their juices, fermented slowly. The production process is local, not used as a buzzword, but by definition: all ingredients are picked, pressed, fermented, and packaged into cider right on site. It's the kind of "local" that we can really get behind. $3