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A roundup of World-Class Canadian Products from our Women’s 2018 issue


We’ve made it our mandate to support all things Canadian. From the timeless motorcycle jacket to a luxurious wine bar, these homegrown products are giving our nation something to boast about. Here’s our regular roundup of homegrown recommendations.

Written by Sammy Abdo

Lindsay Lorusso

ela Mini Milck Clutch

The ela Mini Milck Clutch is the perfect complement to a fashionable ensemble. The company was co-founded by couple Ela and Martin Aldorsson, whose main goal was to create luxury humble accessories that showcase the wearer. The design-duo is based in Toronto and offers a collection of handbags call Mini Milck, made from 100 percent Italian cowhide leather. The bags comes in a variety of different colours, such as lavender, chevron-peach lavender, and sky blue. $395

Vanilla woods

7 Virtues Fragrances

The product of social conscience, 7 Virtues Fragrances was created by journalist Barbara Stegemann. Her inspiration began with continuing the dream of her friend, who was injured while serving in Afghanistan, and whose mission was to create safe alternatives to growing poppy, which often invited violence and conflict. The ingredients, such as rose and blossom, are sourced from local farmers to create new markets in troubled regions. This model has been transferred all over the world to places like Haiti, Madagascar, and Rwanda. The fragrances come in a variety of scents, such as Vetiver Elemi, Vanilla Woods, and Jasmine Neroli. $88

Yoko leather jacket

By the Namesake Croc-embossed Yoko Jacket

The Yoko is the classic motorcycle jacket - a timeless and iconic staple for any wardrobe. By the Namesake was created by Rosa Halpern whose main focus was creating a unique sense of style. Each jacket is named after an influential woman; the Yoko being named after Yoko Ono. With an optional fur collar, back zips or lacing, and a multitude of shades in a croc-embossed leather, the yoko exudes confidence. $1905

Rau huppe bar

Huppé Ray Limited Edition Bar

The best way to enjoy cocktail season is having a luxury bar. Quebec’s Huppé has created well-crafted furniture since 1967. With a focus on being environmentally friendly, the company has expanded its style to rival that of the best European manufacturers. In honour of its 50th anniversary, Huppé offers a limited edition black walnut bar which features an elegant white marble or black granite top and is adorned with a solid brass lock. Price available upon request

vintage iron cycles

Vintage Iron Cycles Iron Tracker

Travel in style with the beautifully handcrafted Iron Tracker e-bike. Produced by Vancouver’s Vintage Iron Cycles, these cyclists combine old-school design with modern technology. Sourcing high-quality parts from the US, Germany, Italy, and Spain, the Tracker provides speed and style, all while being environmentally-friendly. $6,995