Lightspeed Founder & CEO: The Power of Spirituality to Fuel Personal Growth and Purpose

Written by Dax Dasilva

Dax Dasilva’s new book, Age of Union: Igniting the Changemaker, is an impassioned call for leadership, spirituality, and environmental guardianship. It speaks to the immediate need for global change and how our choices are the catalyst, while providing a framework—grounded in four pillars: leadership, culture, spirituality and nature—for changemakers to help spark a better tomorrow. Here he shares his insights.

Spirituality is the third pillar of Age of Union—my vision for what I call unseparation in a fractured world. I believe that spirituality supplies the understanding of the oneness of all things, and the faith and strength to act for transformation. I often mentor startup founders and other business leaders, and this pillar was created to open the conversation that isn’t typically discussed in a business setting.

I converted to Judaism at the same time I started Lightspeed, and the 40 Acts of Union I highlight in my book were inspired by the Jewish concept of mitzvot, which are daily actions elevated by a sense of spiritual intention, leading to “cosmic healing.” Whether the act is large or small, they are all equally valuable, and when amplified, will make a beneficial impact on the world. All great movements for change in human history have been powered by belief and purpose.  

Spiritual wisdom can come from diverse sources, and from this diversity comes a richness of perspectives and understandings — I believe that spirituality can act as a foundation for young changemakers; it can help one reach the successes and make it through the failures. 

Many of us in our everyday lives operate only at a very basic spiritual level and focus mostly on meeting our immediate physical needs. When you aspire to be more spiritually connected, you can start climbing the ladder of your own soul and connecting with its higher levels, reaching toward the source. 

Everyone’s spiritual journey is going to be different; but it’s a path for nourishing the soul and connecting to a greater purpose and meaning by connecting us into something larger than our own existence. It allows individuals to grow on a personal level by giving and serving the greater good. 

Before we can connect with one another, before we can connect with animals and nature, before we can connect with our spiritual source, we must reach inward to find that which connects our body and our soul. When we open our hearts to spirituality, when we allow the soul to lead us toward union, we receive an outpouring of meaning and purpose—inspiration out of the breath of creation. 

Spirituality can bring us purpose and meaning, and thus become an element of our own happiness. It is worthwhile to start looking at the world through a lens that can guide us to take the actions needed for change. 

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