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Our Favourite ‘One of a Kind’ Finds

We believe in supporting Canadian products, not for the sake of it, but because our nation boasts some of the finest brands and designers in the world. A round-up of our picks from this year’s iteration of the annual design show.

We walked around the streets of this year’s One of a Kind spring show, the largest handmade show in Canada, and stifled through the work of over 500 artisans looking for Canadian-made products to fill our homes and lives with joy. Here are our top finds from the show, on now until March 31.

This Kanata, Ontario-based vegan skincare and cosmetics company is all about all-natural but effective products. Pure Hearts was conceived after founder Debbie Schinzel's daughter developed hormonal issues at an early age. So, Schinzel took it upon herself to create products that would support natural hormonal function. 

Pure Heart Essentials, WASH Soap, $8.00
Handmade in Ottawa, Undercarriage Deodorant is good for under the arms, breasts, and the belt. Designed to be very different from the unhealthy big brand deodorant sticks and talcum powder products available on the market, Undercarriage is odor protection that is safe to use anywhere on the body. 

Undercarriage Deodorant, Lavender Pink Jar, $24.00, Wood-zee Black Jar, $24.00, Coconut Lime NO BS Pink Jar, $26.00
This one-woman shop is based out of Toronto and handles everything from  plant harnesses to handmade leather goods with a minimal aesthetic. Not only are these products from Small Hours made to be used—and used frequently at that—but they also look better with every use. Of course, they are repairable.

Small Hours Workshop, Baby Box Crossbody, $179.00 
This Quebecois design studio's mission is to offer objects consistent with and supportive of a healthy, sound, realistic and, as much as possible, environmentally friendly lifestyle. Montreal-based Cyanure also hopes to build people’s awareness about the hands of the artist at the source of the object.

Cyanure Art Design,
Petites Ombres Chinoises Earrings, Sterling Silver 925, $125.00
For the most Canadian of summer activities, Campfire Stix is the perfect tool to handle roasting marshmallows and hotdogs at the campsite. Sourced sustainably, the sticks are made from Georgian Bay driftwood, out-of-commission hockey sticks, and 304 stainless steel. 

Campfire Stix, Original Campfire Stix, $25.00 each
Guaranteed to last a lifetime, these belts are made by Jesse Bateson who has over 15 years of leather work experience, and believes "a belt is the most practical and essential piece of fashion in a wardrobe."  

Solid Leather, Casual Belt, $100.00

Bring any coffee table to life with these coasters from Yolanda Fernandes Ly, who creates whimsical pieces for special places. 

Yolanda Fernandes Ly, Resin Coasters, $35.00
Montreal, Quebec's Blusaffron has made a name for itself in the home and body scents world. It's M.O. is to activate fond memories using our sense of smell, or create and attach new memories to its scents. Candles are made with pure soy wax, using only cotton or wooden wicks.
Blusaffron, ECHO Soy Candle, $26.00, SIAH Soy Candle, $26.00