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Party Like It’s 1867 With These 10 Booze Brands

This Canada Day, we’re kicking our heels up and chugging on some cans, sipping on whisky, and popping all kinds of bottles in commemoration of Canada’s 150th birthday. It’s only fitting that Canadian booze brands have joined the party with carefully designed bottles, limited-edition brews and party packs.

Here, all the Canada 150-themed booze you can drink this Canada Day.

Labatt 150

It’s fitting that Canada’s leading brewer is launching a special rebrand this summer for the nation’s anniversary. Labatt 150, (earlier released as Labatt 50 to mark the 50th anniversary of the brewing partnership of the Labatt grandsons), is a celebration of the longstanding signature of Canadian beer. The new limited edition can is available in 355 ml and 473 ml, and features an emboldened red “anniversary ale 150” print with the Canadian flag.

For specific details on availability or price in your province, check with your local beer and liquor retailers.

Absolut Canada

We may be known for our beer chugging, but Canada loves all kinds of celebratory libations, and vodka is no exception. As a tribute to Canada 150, Absolut has rolled out their sleek limited-edition bottles featuring a modern and stylish red design with a Canadian maple leaf that sits front and centre.

Absolut Canada, limited-edition bottle, $30

Central City’s Red Racer Across the Nation Collaboration

Beer enthusiasts looking to mix it up this weekend with different tastes and flavours don’t have to travel far. Central City is offering a varietal pack of beers created by 12 breweries from all across Canada. The Red Racer Across The Nation collaboration is exactly what you and your friends need at your backyard party. With a dozen beers from guest breweries, there’s something for everyone. Single 12 packs or six packs split into east and west coast brews are available depending on the region

Red Racer Across the Nation collaboration, $30

Gibson’s Finest Rare 150

Gibson’s is a fine pour of whisky, and for Canada’s 150th they’re introducing their finest limited-edition bottle. Check out their patriotic maple leaf label – bold, red, and dressed up for the occasion. This 12-year-old whisky is smooth, and offers rich, sweet flavours such as creme brûlée and spicy oak.

Gibson’s Finest Rare 12 year old, $66

Sandbanks Canada 150 Package

It’s not a celebration without wine, and Sandbanks Winery has you covered for Canada’s birthday. Their festive package includes Canada 150 White Riesling Reserve, Canada 150 Red Merlot Shiraz, Shoreline 150 White Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio, and Shoreline 150 Red Cabernet- Merlot.

Sandbanks Winery Canada 150 package, $73

Forty Creek Confederation Oak

Canadians love whisky and it wouldn’t be a proper party without Forty Creek. Forty Creek Distillery is based in Grimsby, Ontario, one of Canada’s most historically significant areas pre-confederation. Known as The Forty because it was home to early settlers in 40 Creek, the brand release a very special Canada 150 bottle designed by Calgary artist Sheila Schaetzle. Forty Creek Confederation Oak is a full-bodied whisky aged in barrels made from locally sourced oak trees. Whisky lovers can expect to taste notes of maple, raisin, vanilla, fig, and orange blossoms.

Forty Creek confederation oak, $70

Moosehead Anniversary Ale

For many Canadians, Moosehead is reminiscent of patio season and summers at the cottage. It just so happens that Canada 150 coincides with the 150th anniversary of Moosehead Breweries, the oldest independently owned brewery in Canada. To commemorate both occasions, Moosehead has released a limited edition “Moosehead Anniversary Ale,” brewed with ingredients from our very own home and native land including Galena, Columbus, Cascade and Chinook hops sourced from Thompson Okanagan, BC, Ste-Anne-de-Prescott, Ontario, and Moose Mountain, New Brunswick. This malty pale ale is the perfect way to kick off that Canada Day BBQ.

Moosehead Anniversary Ale, $3

Mill Street Red Ensign Raspberry Wheat

Mill Street Brewery has pulled out all the stops for Canada 150. Inspired by “Red Ensign,” Canada’s original flag during the time of Confederation, Mill Street has launched a Belgian-style raspberry wheat ale. Made with malts from the Prairies, raspberries from BC, and hops from Ontario, this birthday beer is made for celebrating. It’s available now in 750 ml bottles for a limited time only. Also as a tribute to the country, the original Mill Street Brewpub is hosting a Great Canadian Beer Dinner on July 18th featuring beers from their Summer Brewpub Sampler developed at each of the four Mill Street brewpubs across the country.

Mill Street Red Ensign, $10

J.P. Wiser’s 150

J.P. Wiser’s limited edition One Fifty bottle features a number of special elements to honour Canada’s big day. Only 7,827 bottles have been produced, each one with a unique date printed on the label corresponding to one of 7,827 weeks in Canada’s history since Confederation. Rich and oaky, this whisky is perfect for sophisticated palates.

J. P. Wiser’s One Fifty Limited Edition, $50

Crown Royal Limited-Edition Whisky

Canada’s finest blended whisky is joining in on the Canada 150 fun with a sweet and spicy limited editIon. Light amber in colour, aged in white oak barrels, Crown Royal offers notes of butterscotch and vanilla. To commemorate the occasion, each bottle comes with a special red and white Canada 150 bag.

Crown Royal limited-edition whisky, $40